Who Doesn’t Need a Little Monday Music?

Watching Baker Cat, Tessa’s daily favorite. 2012 © Colehaus Cats.

A daily favorite. Tessa Loves Baker Cat and hope you do too! Turn up those speakers!

Pia and the rest of us Colehaus Cats mew a big THANK YOU for visiting our blog via Cat Blogosphere. We’ll make Mom get our birfdays and Gotcha days and Blogoversary day entered on the CB Calendar. We hope to visit* every single one of you. Thank you again!

*Seth: If we’re not already lurking on your blog like over on Huffle’s.
Maxx: What’s a lurking?
Newton: You know, it’s how I know when you’re in the litterbox but you can’t see me. That’s because I’m LURKING! Mwahahahaha
Maxx: That’s not even remotely funny.

4 responses to “Who Doesn’t Need a Little Monday Music?

  1. Happy Monday! So glad you stopped by. It’s always a pleasure to meet new kitties especially formerly ferals.

  2. Oh Tessa, we were just getting to know your blog and we got sucked into Baker Cat! Thanks for introducing us to him… we love his music and who doesn’t love some pizza!

    Harry, Dexter and Tipp