Whadaya Mean, “We Can’t Get Mars…?”

Newton in the Library

Newton in the Library. June © Colehaus Cats.

Whadaya mean, “We can’t get Mars on this thing?”

Just a little excited about the new Mars rover landing, Newton thinks to take up astronomy only to be disappointed with Mom’s inferior viewing equipment. Honest, we told her it was only a prop, but she wasn’t hearing any of it.

12 responses to “Whadaya Mean, “We Can’t Get Mars…?”

  1. Thanks for visiting our blog! We really like yours. You are a very handsome and cute bunch of kitties!

  2. Thank you for visiting too! Any kitties who love window whiffies so much too we consider good friends! Happy sniffs!

  3. Oh no Newton, you can’t get Mars on that TV. Yikes, that is just terrible. Maybe you need better equipment. Have a great day.

    • Maybe, when Dad’s not looking, I ought to go online and order a great, big telescope, er, I mean, cat toy! I bet, after a while, he’ like it too!

  4. A little whap here and there and you might pick up Mars!

  5. Dang! No Mars?? What good is that thing, anyways??

  6. Bummer! That thing sure is purrty, but no good if you can’t see Mars. Have you tried playing “Does it Break or Does it Bounce?” with it? We would.

    Uh-oh…our Lady just saw the post below with the picture of little Pia and now she’s squeeeeeeing like a crazy person. ::sigh::

    • Colehaus Cats

      Mom says the reason why that thing doesn’t work is because we already “Break and Bounce” with it. Funny, we don’t remember it exactly the same way but whatevers.

      Pia, definitely squeee-worthy! Maybe even twice!

  7. Newton has every right to be outraged (great photo!), what with his own scientific name and all.

    Tom and the gang xx