The V-E-T Parade Continues.

Miss Newton & Pia - 2013 © Colehaus Cats

Miss Newton & Pia – 2013 © Colehaus Cats

Over the weekend, it was Miss Newton and Pia’s turn to visit the V-E-T for their yearly checkups and vaccines. Taking in consideration how pissy Tessa got last week during her visit, we considered taking just Miss Newton alone and waiting to take Pia separately. But because these girls love each other so much, we reasoned that they would help each other with those V-E-T stresses and threw caution to the wind. After each were settled in their carriers, off we went.

The V-E-T? Oh, man! - 2013 © Colehaus Cats

The V-E-T? Oh, man! – 2013 © Colehaus Cats

Should have known better. Apparently, neither one likes being in a carrier now. Hmm, didn’t seem to be a problem before with Miss Newton when last February she had to have her bitten tail looked at. Or even further back when Miss Newton first joined Colehaus Cats. Finally, Mom draped a towel over the front of her carrier and Miss Newton stopped trying to rip the door off its hinges.

Pia took the cue from her older sister Miss Newton and did the same. A draped towel over the door calmed her as well, but that brought on the singing. Oh, how we sang all the way to the V-E-T office! Pia really put her heart into it; nothing like those mere squeaks and peeps emitted on her Spay Day trip. For those keeping track, Pia’s still not a Rihanna fan, nor Bruno Mars as we discovered. Nope on Ozzy Osbourne. BIG NOs for Demi Lovato, Drake and sadly enough, the group FUN. Pia’s likes the sound of her own voice over anyone who might be getting paid to do the same so we’ll have to leave it at that.

Was no big deal - 2013 © Colehaus Cats

Was no big deal – 2013 © Colehaus Cats

At the V-E-T office, both behaved like good girls. Pia went first and enjoyed having her fur fawned over by our favorite vet. She was brushed, got a mani and a pedi and even had her floofy pantaloons expertly trimmed.

It’s a bit breezy back there, Mom, you might want to know!

And the trimming came not a moment too soon! Once home, Mom got right to cleaning up that damp bedding and carrier. You know what happens sometimes!

Serves you all right for touching my pantaloons!

Miss Newton acted like an old pro and didn’t give an ounce of trouble. She also got brushies and lots of pets, a mani and pedi and extra attention. She has a little gingivitis that will need to be looked at again in six months but other than that, she’s perfect!

“If you ate Greenies, Miss Newton, we bet you wouldn’t have gingivitis. Those are good for that.”

Greenies? Those vile things? Ugh! I’d rather bury them. You’ll never catch me eating those things. They look like rabbit raisins!

Purr-fectly fine - 2013 © Colehaus Cats

Purr-fectly fine – 2013 © Colehaus Cats

More singing on the way home. No fans of Justin Timberlake either so Mom acted as tour guide for the remainder of the fifteen minute trip which may or may not have bored the girls to sleep. More naps after arriving home and no hard feelings. Whew! Four down, three to go (plus the adventure of capturing outside semi-feral Geoffrey).

26 responses to “The V-E-T Parade Continues.

  1. What a parade it’s been so far! Lots of singing. We hope there are clowns in your parade. MOL!

  2. BOL, I like four down three to go.. Can’t wait to read about that 🙂 Have a wonderful day xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  3. da tabbies o trout towne

    my stars pia & newton, I SOOOOO hope your mom and dad gave you a reward for enduring the torment of carrier travel….I’m thinking 50’s and 100’s….purrhaps 75 each, for the both of you… would bee a nice….”we are sorry gift”…..and the boys said to tell you …nothing like a nice slice of flounder to clean your teeth….purrsonally I prefer to floss with golden threads and will be more than happy to send some your way if you want


    hugs from dai$y =^..*=

  4. Jenna and Sissy

    Can I sing on the way to the vet’s! The human says to not have music on at all. That seems to make us cats howl worse…and don’t talk to us. Sympathy evokes a lot of vocalizing, too 😉

  5. Oh dear who will draw the short straw next time and find themselves pushed in a carrier and dragged off to the torturers. Ouchie.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. Dad used to take us seperately and now has worked to take us all at once. He says it is easier to take all 6 in one shot. I love to sing and have taught my brofurs to join in. Even Ms Fitz will help with the high notes. Dad says if the vet was father than 10 minutes he would need ear plugs. DAD, How could you say that about our golden meows!
    That time is getting close. We thought it was a few weeks ago but it was just the paint and carpet saga.
    Timmy T

  7. At least this one was pretty uneventful. LOL three more to go. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  8. Sounds like our trips to the vets although we are usually pretty good once we get there since we are so very scared. Glad you got some of the kitties done. That is always such a chore.

  9. I am glad all is well and that this trip is over!!!

  10. I have to go to the vet when either Binga or Boodie needs a check up; otherwise I get violent when they come home. 🙁

  11. Oh those pesky Vet visits are just no fun for us girls!

  12. “four down, 3 to go?” OMC you have my sympathy!

  13. Dear Ladies add me to the VET parade.
    My 11year check up is 7/16!! And Mom read the card to me I have to get shots and a senior blood panel. Whoa be unto me
    Hugs madi your BFFF

  14. It sounds like you’re glad to be home. We’re glad that the vet said you were both A-OK.

  15. A Lilica também foi ao veterinário e fez duas vítimas!
    Vocês já pensaram em gravar um cd?

  16. You all really need to look into having the vet come to the house to take care of everybody all at the same time. We could never manage dragging all eight (in groups of two, of course) to the vet. They don’t just sing, they caterwaul and meyowl as well. Even though I talk to them in a soft voice to calm them, they are not impressed. Glad only a little gingivitis was discovered and both Pia and Miss Newton are well and home safe. Janet

  17. Well hello!! So nice of you to drop by our place. Please drop by anytime. We’re gonna kick up our paws and look around here.

  18. i think since there’s a few of you at the house, you could probably persuade the vet to drive up there instead.

  19. Well, at least you’re more than halfway to being done (for now). Hugs!

  20. Urgh, we just despise the V-E-T. Blah.
    Glad to hear you made home safe (never ever trust a carrier, it is NOT a cat bed, as some hoomans might tell you)

  21. Pia and Newton, I had to go see the doctor man over the weekend. Since you guys are writing about your trips, I had to write about mine as well. Why do the humans think they have to take us to be humiliated? Did you know the doctor man was going to WEIGH you???? Nobody told me that. If they had, I would have gone on a diet first. ;-(

  22. Oh my goodness, Miss Pia and Miss Newton, why didn’t you call, I would have teleported cross country to come to your aid!
    Dexter the Valiant

    pee ess: did some one say pantaloons????

  23. You’d think that by now the humans would have found out your musical taste!!!! What a poor show! 😉

  24. First, and most important – we totally agree with Miss Newton’s opinion on Greenies. There, we’ve said it!

    Second, how in the WORLD are we going to teach these humans how to deal with VET visits? We boyz got stuck with the SAME THING on our last trip. We TOLD her it was a bad idea…. (MOL)

  25. Well we are glad that it did go well for sure…but hey that pantaloon stuff…that deserves some retribution…

  26. Glad that everything is fine and now you deserve long peaceful naps!