The Princess Pillow.

Newton on the Princess Pillow. © Colehaus Cats.

You see, we have this special pillow. Funny, we called it the Princely Pillow. It’s a little thing really. A small regtanglur-shaped pillow with gold damask fabric and long fringe. It’s old and somewhat ratty and no one thought much about it at all, truth be told. And up until today, it was Maxx’s most favorite thing to lean against while on the couch. He really liked that pillow.

And then, that all changed.

Today, Newton decided she liked the pillow, we mean, really, really liked the Princely Pillow, despite all Maxx’s fur and drool, despite the fact she’s still unsure about Maxx, mainly because of all his fur and drool.

Today, the pillow found an additional purpose and clearly, it’s just the right size for Princess Newton*. Prince Maxx* will just have to find a new pillow to claim.

*We don’t really call them Prince or Princess. We were just humoring them. But don’t tell them we said that.

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