Flashback Friday – Baby Tessa’s Gold.

[Thank you all for the positive feedback on Quint’s painting experiment last week. We’re in process of setting up shop where he can share his art. More information coming mid-November!]


Tessa LOVES this straw! July 2012. © Colehaus Cats.

Until Pia’s arrival, Tessa had the most toys any cat in this household had ever had. Naturally, she ignored them all. All that is except for the straws. And if straws were gold, well first of all, we couldn’t afford any, and secondly, if we could have, we’d be millionaires because we swear we just dug out a million of them from under our bed and dresser where apparently, all bitten straws go to retire.

At least we rememebered to get one shot of a young Tessa excitedly playing with her piece of gold. OMC! The love she had for this thing had her eyes bugging out of her head!

Nowadays, while her straw habit doesn’t call as strong, her attachment to toys continue. And like any well-rounded young lady with so much to choose from, she flits from one toy to another.

Tessa's toys.

Tessa’s Toys. September 2012 © Colehaus Cats.

Her favorite this week. No, we won’t confess how just before this photo was taken, Tessa was seen wooing and petting the pale suede mouse for about an hour. Oops!

Oh sure, Mom. Post an embarrassing picture of me just before leaving town for the weekend. Hope you remember to look in the side pocket of your suitcase for a surprise from me!

9 responses to “Flashback Friday – Baby Tessa’s Gold.

  1. Lovely pic of you Tessa. Have fun with your toys and have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Tessa, I love straws too! They are almost as fun as Q-Tips!

  3. Hmm. Straws. I might have to check that out.

  4. Thanks for coming to our party. Nice meeting you!
    Please visit again.

  5. Just like kids, they’ll make a toy out of just about anything. Straws? Why not! An empty box? On yeah.

    Great pics 🙂

  6. OMC, Straws?!? We gonna hafta try those thingys out!

  7. Breaking new….. YOU WON AN AWARD! Congratulations to all in the crew! You can pick up your award on the post I published today on Nerissa’s Life. purrs

  8. Great post! We have an award for you, stop by our place to pick it up.
    purrrs xx

  9. Hi, I came over from Nerissa’s Life. Mom had a cat before me, Tasha, who luvluvluv’d straws! She would fetch them! Hope you can make a visit to me one day, paw pats, Savannah