Newton, on Contrast and Blending.

Contrast and Shadow. Newton. 2012 © Colehaus Cats.

A well-mannered cat should bring something to the table. She should blend well but contrast a little too, of course in a favorable light. A little soft, a little firm, not too shadowy or demanding and with an agreeable amount of getting along.

Oh, we were supposed to be talking about flooring and cats? Why would I ever do that??

Newton on the virtues of fitting in with hard laminate floors.

22 responses to “Newton, on Contrast and Blending.

  1. Yup you sure do match the color of that flooring just purrfect. That was so nice of the hooomans to make the floor the same color as you are. Well done on the hoomans part. Hope you have a great week end.

    • Matching maybe too well. One of my people said there was a hairball on the floor and got out that loud thing I don’t like. That hairball was ME! Not funny at all.

  2. Newton, I do my best to blend with the flooring too!


  3. Welcome to the Cat Blogosphere! We saw your link on the main page and came over to “meet” you.

    We’ve just read the write-ups about you all and our human feels all leaky-eyed over the rough start that most of you have had. We’re so glad you’ve all found a wonderful home! You have pretty special humans–this planet needs more of them!

  4. We’re both mostly white, and it seems we don’t blend with anything (at least that’s what the humans say when we nap on their laundry!)

    It’s lovely to meet you guys, welcome to the CB!

  5. You blend with the floor nicely Newton.

  6. Well you are sure looking mighty fine there!

  7. Newton, you have the loveliest background!!


    • My people say thank you. You know, they made sure it matched me. I’m certain of this. I mean, how else could I look so good? *Purrs and headbumps*

  8. Ha! We just posted about Lola who’s notoriously hard to photograph. It’s all about the right light and getting some nice contract between kitty and background.

  9. uh…Newton… you could hardly blend into anything… you are to striking not to be noticed. Thanks for being a new tabby friend. Gingers Rule!

  10. Welcome, kitties! It very nice to meet you! If you stop by our blog today (before midnight EST) we have a kitty toy giveaway to celebrate our gotcha day.

  11. Lovely Newton!! You have a great philosophy going there! 🙂 You make the floors, not the other way round! LOL! Take care

    • Exactly! She’s even more wise than we thought! She’s a great teacher to the kittens, which might make things “interesting” in years to come.