Life of Squirt.

Viola's Internet habit - 2014 © Colehaus Cats

Viola’s Internet habit – 2014 © Colehaus Cats

Life is rough on this little one year old. You know how we use our cats as forced labor – vacuuming floors, beating laundry creekside using rocks, keeping tabs on Internet kittens…

Internet surf position - 2014 © Colehaus Cats

Internet surf position – 2014 © Colehaus Cats

Viola was so addicted to watching the Tinykittens foster kittens streaming webcam, a part of the LAPS – Langley Animal Protection Society, we thought she was going to throw a conniption when the latest batch was adopted. Good thing for her, the Internet is a V-E-R-Y big place to explore.

Scratch Post Inspector - 2014 © Colehaus Cats

Scratch Post Inspector – 2014 © Colehaus Cats

Don’t forget to tell everyone I’m an excellent scratchy post inspector. Is this a union job?

Official batter - 2014 © Colehaus Cats

Official batter – 2014 © Colehaus Cats

If I may be so bold in saying, I’m also an expert at batting things. And if someone doesn’t like it, well…

Bunny Butt! - 2014 © Colehaus Cats

Bunny Butt! – 2014 © Colehaus Cats

… here’s what they get!

Alright, Viola, that wasn’t very polite. Let’s see, she spends part of her day playing hide and seek with Quint and Olivia.

Playing Hide & Seek - 2014 © Colehaus Cats

Playing Hide & Seek – 2014 © Colehaus Cats

We didn’t say she was very good at the hiding part.

Having a laugh - 2014 © Colehaus Cats

Having a laugh – 2014 © Colehaus Cats

What do I care if they find me? That’s part of the fun!

Going for a laugh - 2014 © Colehaus Cats

Going for a laugh – 2014 © Colehaus Cats

Oooo, let me tell this part, mom. Sometimes, when things are really, really serious around here, I’ll do just about anything to get a laugh. You wouldn’t believe how long I sat here with this speck of litter on my nose before anyone noticed.

You aren't laughing AT me, are you? - 2014 © Colehaus Cats

You aren’t laughing AT me, are you? – 2014 © Colehaus Cats

And then, when they finally paid attention, they laughed. But swore they were laughing WITH me, not AT me. Sure, sure you were.

Pretty Viola - 2014 © Colehaus Cats

Pretty Viola – 2014 © Colehaus Cats

Yeah, I’ve got it good here. I like my home and family. I think I’ll keep ’em.

Whew! That’s a relief! We were a little worried there, Viola. Now, c’mere for some kisses.

36 responses to “Life of Squirt.

  1. SQUEE!!! Viola, you are too adorable! Glad you are staying; I love hearing about you and your clowny ways!

  2. Viola, you are a hoot!! 🙂 That looked like a beauty spot on your nose!! MOL

  3. Viola is sure a spirited young ladycat!

  4. She is such a pretty lady cat.

  5. Viola you are such a cute girl and we love seeing you playing and being a little bit silly. How clever of you to have made a nose stud from a piece of cat litter and bet you will be a trend setter.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. Viola, it’s been so much fun watching you grow up. How do you feel about slightly older boy kitties? We’re both in love with you and we love seeing your pictures! 🙂

    • I like ’em okay, I suppose. Can they run and play? Do they know secret hiding places? Do they share toys? Do they stand up to the vacuum monster? Those are all important to young ladies like me!

  7. Viola, you are a very hard working kitty!

  8. Viola, you are just so so cute. And we love your ‘bunny butt’. We don’t have any bunny butts in our group. And we love all the jobs that you have and you do good work. Have a great day.

  9. Looks like you have a great home. You are a very busy kitty cat. 🙂

  10. What a hard working kitty you are & pity the staff were so slow in getting the stuff off your nose. Peeps for you. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  11. Oh, Viola, you are so beautiful! And that little nub of a tial is the cutest thing ever! We’ve missed you all ♥♥♥

  12. You are the cutest ladycat we know!

  13. The Swiss Cats

    Viola, you’re such a cute little clown ! But you’re a very busy kitty too ! We have many “bunny butts” in the village too ! Purrs

  14. Angel Shiner and the HighCats

    We loves your bunny butt Viola!

  15. viola…..if de scratch post job iz union, ya can ask for mor money & lezz time AT werk…thatz why ya pay dooz, frank lee we think de mom & dad shuld bee payin ewe $945.31 an hour for scratch post inspection…..due they reel eyes de roolz N regulationz de feds haz bout scratchin postz…a BUNCH….N ewe hasta keep up with em all !! ♥♥♥♥

  16. Sweet Viola you are such a cutie. You sure are busy and get a lot done. You are an expert in many fields. Your family could not make it through the day without you, we are thinking. You are very useful and necessary for taking care of things around your place it seems. We think you are a real sweetie. Hugs and nose kisses

  17. Sweet Viola, we can see how you bring happiness and light to your family every singe day. Hugs to you all.

  18. Viola you have grown from a precious little kitten into a lovely young lady. We are so happy that you like your home and family as we know they feel the same about having you as part of the family.

  19. Viola – you are adorable and so photogenic!

  20. Viola, you are such an adorable baby! I love your cute bunny butt! And nice work putting modesty patch 🙂 Hehehe.

  21. Oh, Viola! You have it quite tough!

  22. Viola, you really do have it good there. 🙂

  23. Viola, you are too cute!

  24. Viola, you do a great job at all of your jobs there!

  25. GASP! They took not one but two photos with that litter on your nose! I wouldn’t stand for it unless the price was right of course.

  26. What a sweetie you are Viola and so versatile and talented!

  27. yeah, three out of three kitties over here agree – you’ve got it good! Why just yesterday, our mom said something about the rugs needing to be cleaned over here…. *sigh*

  28. Viola, you are SO dramatic with your talk of beating laundry against rocks and stuff. Love your spunkiness even if that means that we got some bunny butt from you (ahem, as I believe you were the twerking kitty which your Mom did not think was polite either). Thank you for for sharing the photo with litter on your nose as that made me CHUCKLE with you!!!

  29. That is one of my favorite Viola pictures! I’m sure it must have been hard not to keep all of the kittens, but I can see why Viola captured your heart : )

    • We wanted to keep them all but narrowed it down to the two girls, Illy and Viola. Then Robbie turned out to be a girl after all, but she was already spoken for by the best forever family ever. Then, lone boy Russell held his forever home interview and we loved who he picked for a family. And just as we had decided we’d adopt Illy who hadn’t gotten much interest, her great forever family came along. By this time, Viola had practically attached herself to our hips, so that decision was made. It all worked out in the end!

  30. Sometimes the cat picks us, don’t you think?? Thank you for fostering and getting all those kitties into great homes!

    • You’re welcome! Though others were part of the early process, we definitely think Zuzu picked us by letting us help and trusting us so quickly. Just between you and us, we miss those other Niblets.