Happy Halloween!

Viola rolls out the trebuchet - 2013 © Colehaus Cats

Viola rolls out the trebuchet – 2013 © Colehaus Cats

Just as last year…

Viola prepares the Trebuchet - 2014 © Colehaus Cats

Viola prepares the Trebuchet – 2014 © Colehaus Cats

… only now with more attitude, Viola prepares the trebuchet for the hungry trick-or-treat hordes.

Checking the angle - 2014 © Colehaus Cats

Checking the angle – 2014 © Colehaus Cats

What? Doesn’t everyone have one of these laying around??

Stay safe, everyone!

29 responses to “Happy Halloween!

  1. Wow, Viola, you’ve really grown! Uh, what does that thing do?

    • Oh, that’s mom’s trebuchet, like a catapult thing, and it flings treats! If it was bigger, we could fling cows at castles like in a Monty Python movie!

      • I can see why Viola is in charge of the trebuchet. Is she going to practice with cat treats to Quint first?

  2. Have a fabulous Friday and Happy Halloween to all your family and may the day be a frightfully good one.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. She has turned into such a beautiful lady! I love her so much!

  4. You are growing into a lovely young lady Viola and we wish you all a Happy Halloween.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. Oh my Ceiling Cat, how she has grown! PS: That is a pawsome thing to have. We want one too.

  6. The Swiss Cats

    You’re now a beautiful young lady Viola ! Happy Halloween ! Purrs


  8. viola….we due knot……though that may be a GOOD thing !! N look how much ewe haz growed !!!!

    sa~~wheet 🙂

    heerz two a happee haunted halibut howl o ween week oh end ♥

  9. Happy halloween!xx Speedy

  10. Are you gonna fling treats tonight, Viola? That sounds like fun! Happy Halloween!

  11. Aaaaaw Viola went fwum purrecious to purrecious and bootyful.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

  12. OMC! We are so jealous of your trebuchet! Our mom has always wanted one. Of course, we have a cannon that she threatens to shoot candy at the tricker or treaters with. The kids eyes get REALLY big when faced with a cannon! MOL. Happy Halloween!

    (if you haven’t seen it, it’s on our Meow Like a Pirate Day post).

  13. Oy! That should have been treat or treaters! Some things NEVER change!

  14. I think next year we should send you a sword and magic helmet to wear while you man the trebuchet Viola! Happy Halloween from the Orange and Black cat (and the grey and torbie ones too) in Michigan!

  15. Happy Halloween!!!

    The Florida Furkids

  16. What a great thing to catapult treats with 🙂
    Happy Scary Halloween to you too !


  17. We wish WE had a trebuchet for flinging treats here. Open wide! MOL! 🙂

    Happy Halloween!

  18. Happy Halloween to all of you.

  19. Parece muito divertido Viola!

  20. we’re gonna ask Sandy Paws for one of those 🙂
    Happy Howloween!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  21. That thing looks like fun! Happy Halloween!

  22. Making sure you made it home from the Tabby Cat Party yesterday. So happy to see you! Hope you had a fun Halloween. It was very nice spending time with you yesterday.

    • We had a wonderful time at the Tabby Cat Party yesterday! Our west coast time had us arriving late but staying until the wee hours of the morning batting around candy corn and looking for the elusive white ghost peeps! Such fun! Thank you for hosting Halloween for all us Tabbies!

  23. Oh Viola, what a big girl you have grown up to be. We loved you from the start as an itty bitty gal, and we still do. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo