Christening Geoffrey’s House.

A while ago, we got a wild hair and decided this would be the year to upgrade the outside kitty warming box. What we had worked – roughly 30 inches by 30 inches square by 12 inches tall with a rough-cut opening on a hinged front wall, though there were a few design flaws that time pointed out. For example, it was too short. The only thing that could crouch low enough to enter was our occasional visiting opossum but we know he really liked it!

Geoffrey, June 2012. A portion of his warming box can be seen behind him - © Colehaus Cats

Geoffrey, June 2012. A portion of his warming box can be seen behind him – © Colehaus Cats

So we had put another warming mat on top of the box and a fluffy towel over that and that’s where Geoffrey slept while waiting for breakfast every morning. For three years. The box was located on our cement front porch and though painted the same color as our house (white) so it wouldn’t be noticeable, it was just that – noticeable. And an ant magnet. And spiders loved it. And we were tired of neighbors giving us the weird eye when they saw us hovering around it every day, almost as if we were crazy cat people or something. *snort!*

A couple of weeks ago, over on Love & Hisses, we saw an awesome cat house and Robin let us know where she got it. We thought it would be perfect for Geoffrey, something he could fit into instead of having to lay on top of. We placed an order immediately.

On the very day we took Geoffrey to the vet, his new house arrived. It was so easy to assemble, Mom put it together (using an electric drill) in less than 10 minutes. It’s very solid, air-tight and we love the color and shingled roof especially since we were going to move the location of his house from our drafty porch to our cozy side courtyard which is behind our fence. We even cut a hole in the fence and laid a cobblestone walkway so he wouldn’t muddy his feet coming to and from.

Okay, so it's really a DOG house. Whatever. 2013 © Colehaus Cats

Okay, so it’s really a DOG house. Whatever. 2013 © Colehaus Cats

Then we got the bad news – Geoffrey had FIP and was sliding downhill. He’d lost weight over the winter and spring and we hadn’t noticed how much until it was too late. He’d never come home and would never get to see his new house.

Mom was heartbroken. She could care less about the stupid cat house…for about 48 hours. Taking cues from feral cat shelters on YouTube, she lined the house with reflective insulation to keep it cool in summer and warm in winter. And as soon as she can figure out how/where to get some hay and more importantly, where the heck to store extra hay, she’ll put that inside the house for bedding material. And then she replaced the old lightweight feeding bowls with weighty ant-free bowls.

Geoffrey's House - 2013 © Colehaus Cats

Geoffrey’s House – 2013 © Colehaus Cats

Yesterday, we christened the house “Geoffrey’s House.” Regardless of who or what might move in, it’ll always be known as his place. We think he’d really like that.

Always to be called Geoffrey's House - 2013 © Colehaus Cats

Always to be called Geoffrey’s House – 2013 © Colehaus Cats

36 responses to “Christening Geoffrey’s House.

  1. Aww, this made our Mommy all leaky-eyed this morning. What a beautiful place!

  2. We’re with Prancer Pie. We bet too that Geoffrey will be keeping an eye on who will take shelter in that lovely little house.

  3. We agree Geoffrey will be watching with an eager eye to see who takes up residence. Nice way to remember your sweet anipal.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Mom had water coming out of her eyes, too when she read this. We agree with her when she said that Geoffrey is smiling really big ‘cuz he was cared for by wonderful humans while he was on earth. Thank you so much for taking care of fur people.

  5. That is a wonderful, wonderful house! I like that you named it after Geoffrey. He would like that another kitty will be cared for like he was.

  6. Bless you for caring for Geoffrey! You made his time here MUCH better; and his legacy is such a beautiful house–we hope another kitty finds shelter (and your care) soon. Purrs.

  7. da tabbies o trout towne

    guys…guarantee sure az we loves fish…geoffrey iz lovin hiz new diggs…him iz braggin bout how total lee kewl hiz new pad iz ta everee one heer at boe boe’s fish N fry…..N how total lee kewl de colehaus crew iz for thinkin oh him…..

    de new rezidentz oh geoffrey’s houz iz gonna lovez it… just az much az him wooda ….N just may bee….ewe will finds geoffrey sended ewe de new tenant…aza surprise !!


    due & sauce…N geoffrey two ~~~

  8. It looks so perfect – what a shame Geoffrey won’t get too much use from it but we know he would like another kitty to take ownership when he’s gone to the Bridge.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  9. That is so very wonderfur. We are a bit misty and agree that Geoffrey is flying by and looking down with love.

  10. What a beautiful way to remember Geoffrey. We’re very sure he approves of Geoffrey’s House. xox

  11. I’m sorry about Geoffrey, but he leaves a lovely legacy. Thank you for caring for him and for the next possible resident.

  12. A beautiful tribute and a wonderful idea!xx Speedy and Rachel

  13. Awwww Mom got all leaky eyed over Geoffrey’s house.
    We know he is so happy that you have made this in his honor and we feel somewhere he is purring.

  14. So sad Geoffrey didn’t get to enjoy it. It’s a wonderful way to remember him.

    I’m sure he is happy to see another stray can find comfort, food and water at his pawsome house 🙂

  15. What a wonderful memorial for Geoffrey. Thanks for the idea. Our mama now knows what to do to offer more comfortable accommodations to kitties passing thru our backyard.

  16. I was so choked up when I saw Geoffrey’s house. Thank you for christening it. He would have loved his digs. I hope some special kitteh passes through and takes up residence. Geoffrey might show him the way knowing the kitteh he was. God bless you Geoffrey.

  17. You made our mommy cry ’cause she remembered our angel Madison who died of lymphoma 13 days after he was diagnosed. He too had lost a lot of weight, which the humans didn’t notice until it was too late. So Geoffrey would want you to pay it forward and christening the house with his name is purrfect. Any kitty would be proud to call that home. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  18. Ok, our Mom got a bit teary over that. It was wonderful and kind and we know that there will be future kittehs who will appreciate what you are providing.

    Plus, it really is quite beautifully done.

  19. Katie Isabella

    Thank you for loving him so much and for dedicating the new house to Geoffrey.

  20. Our head peep has leaky eyes reading this. What a touching and optimistic thing to do, to let Geoffrey’s memory provide shelter to the next needy creature who comes to live alongside you. Geoffrey was a lucky cat to have you there to respect and take care of him in the way that he, as a feral, wanted you to.

  21. That post made us leaky eyed too. We think it’s nice that you christened the new house in his memory. We hate FIP and hope the new developements will bring a cure.

    The Florida Furkids

  22. A lovely thought, We think Geoffrey would love his House.

    PS: A couple things. First, you probably want straw, not hay (they’re two different things). Second, we suspect any farm or gardening supply place probably would at least know where you could get straw. Almost all of them will have straw later in the year if not right now. (if nothing else, come Halloween, someone will have a bale or two you could beg after the holiday)

  23. Yes, that made our whiskers weepy wet too. But we know dear Geoffery would be so proud and, when the time is right, he will tell just the right critter where to find some warm. Hugs from all of us.

  24. Our mommy’s eyes are all leaky too! That is so sweet and we know Geoffrey is happy that kitties have shelter in his honor! It’s a beautiful tribute to him!

  25. Oh that makes us so sad. We know what it is like to have one go off an not come back. It is just too sad. That is so great that you dedicated the house to Geoffry. Poor thing. At least he was well loved while he was there.

  26. I love Geoffrey’s House, and the story behind it! I know some kitty will be making use of it. In fact, I bet Geoffrey will have a paw in directing a kitty to you.

  27. A house in memory and honour of Geoffrey? It’s so beautiful in so many ways. PURRS

  28. *sniff* Geoffery would be so proud. He will send someone very special to live there when the time is right.
    Harry,Dex, Tipp and Willow

  29. Someone will find this lovely house and move in – perhaps Geoffrey will whisper to them where to find it. So glad you kept it in his honor.

  30. How beautiful. We know someone will move in soon and you’ll love her/him too. RIP Geoffrey.

  31. That is so lovely!

  32. Well that turned on the faucet in Moms eyes…and I can’t stop weaping either. I hate FIP. Pawsome way to honor precious Geoffrey

  33. This made us teary-eyed too. Geoffrey’s house is beautiful.

  34. Aw! The house does look great. I’m sure someone else will come around and put good use to it for Geoffrey 🙂

  35. Sniff sniff this is a sad post xxx