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04/07/2017 – Friday Fun

Back in 2013, when Zuzu was Mama Zuzu to her litter, the Niblets, we bought the kittens a small plastic trackball ring. We had no idea what a hit it would become. Not so much with the kittens, though baby Viola liked it on and off…

Zuzu's Little Ring o' Fun - ©

Zuzu’s Little Ring o’ Fun – ©

… but with Zuzu herself. That little Ring o’ Fun was never far from sight.

Baby Viola with Zuzu's Little Ring o' Fun - ©

Baby Viola with Zuzu’s Little Ring o’ Fun – ©

We thought the little ring was too small for Zuzu and bought her a bigger Ring o’ Fun. She liked it, but baby Russell LOVED it, so much so, when he went to his forever home, we sent the bigger ring along with him. We only regret not having a photo of baby Russell playing with his Ring o’ Fun before he left. Adorbs!

Zuzu's Big Ring o' Fun - ©

Zuzu’s Big Ring o’ Fun – ©

Back in November of last year, we ordered an orange triple tier trackball Ring o’ Fun (our name for it, not the official name of which we may have forgotten) for Zuzu for Christmas and wouldn’t you know, that thing sold out practically before they even manufactured them?

Zuzu didn’t get her triple tier Ring o’ Fun for Christmas but every so often we receive an email telling us that triple tier Ring o’ Fun is still on backorder and wouldn’t we rather want to buy a similar one from someone else for twice or maybe, three times the original offering price?

Now, you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who could say, in all honesty, we wouldn’t go the extra mile to buy stuff for our cats but in this case and for that price… uh, no.

Then, Dad found a really cool scratchy Ring o’ Fun when he was perusing Amazon last month and because it was an exceptionally good price, Home Accountant Mom approved the purchase and Zuzu got a new, bigger Ring o’ Fun.

Zuzu's new Ring o' Fun - ©

Zuzu’s new Ring o’ Fun – ©

Zuzu seemed to know right away it was hers. Or maybe she really understands English when Mom said, “Zuzu, this is yours.” It has a cardboard scratchy insert and a white contrasting ball in the bright, deep pink track. And we think she likes everyone to watch her when she plays with it.

Quint gives the Ring o' Fun a whirl - ©

Quint gives the Ring o’ Fun a whirl – ©

And though she’s okay with letting everyone else play with it…

Zuzu's Ring o' Sleepytime - ©

Zuzu’s Ring o’ Sleepytime – ©

… she’s the only one who sleeps on it. Good call, Dad. Zuzu LOVES it!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Thank you for your comments and suggestions regarding Mom’s kitty photo boards she created last week. She hasn’t made a decision on what to do with them at the moment, other than to just enjoy her creations. Thank you!

And here’s another batch she made:

Tessa's Photo Board - ©

Tessa’s Photo Board – ©

Sunny's Photo Board - ©

Sunny’s Photo Board – ©

Olivia and cherries Photo Board - ©

Olivia and cherries Photo Board – ©

Zuzu's Photo Board - ©

Zuzu’s Photo Board – ©

Viola and her Dad Photo Board - ©

Viola and her Dad Photo Board – ©

02/17/2017 – Friday Fun

Olivia's New Thing - ©

Olivia’s New Thing – ©

Hey! Here’s something new!

Passing the sniff test - ©

Passing the sniff test – ©

Passes the sniff test. I can safely ignore it now for the rest of all eternity.

We occasionally switch things up around the house to stimulate the environment for the cats and ourselves, and because…. why not?

We’re still on the fence on whether we want to actually teach anyone to ding the hotel bell, a.k.a. Treat Bell. You know, intentionally. We wouldn’t leave it out all the time, saving our ears from constant “Ding! Ding! Ding!” Who in their right mind would do that? Who in their right mind would want that??

Oh, yeah. Right. Cats who just *might* be too smart for their own good.

Too smart? Naw... ©

Too smart? Naw… ©

I’m smart because I’m on top of the world!

Another smart one - ©

Another smart one – ©

Oh yeah, Squirt? But can you balance a teensy ball like this? I think not!

Two toys and asking for more - ©

Two toys and asking for more – ©

You two work too hard. Pay attention to my smarts. I’ve got two, count ’em, TWO toys AND I’m pleading to Ceiling Cat to deliver more. Now, that’s having smarts!

Ruby knows smart - ©

Ruby knows smart – ©

Amateurs. Smart is sitting and looking fabulous. EVERYONE knows that.

See what we’re up against?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Because Monday is a U.S. Holiday, we’re taking the day off. A photo will be posted, nonetheless. See you next Wednesday!

02/06/2017 – Sunny Sunny

Sunny Sunny - ©

Sunny Sunny – ©

Sunny continues to thrive here at Colehaus. During the day hours, she has free reign of the house and of all the great napping places. At night, she sleeps behind closed doors on top of Dad in the master bedroom (along with Ruby and Zuzu).

One of Sunny's best napping spots - ©

One of Sunny’s best napping spots – ©

Another of Sunny's favorite napping spots - ©

Another of Sunny’s favorite napping spots – ©

All Colehaus Cats have automated feeders now so Sunny can continue her special diet addressing her stage three kidney disease without snacking on forbidden food. In fact, she was the first and quickest to learn the SureFlap microchip-automated feeder.

Sunny's SureFlap feeder - ©

Sunny’s SureFlap feeder – ©

We’ve continued to monitor her weight and she’s been holding steady at just over nine pounds since last year, her perfect weight. She’s become playful and even has a favorite, above-all-others toy – her orange orb (shhh, don’t tell her it’s a golf whiffle ball), and is, most definitely, less growly, even when picked up which isn’t too often because she doesn’t see the point in anyone doing that.

All in all, Sunny is doing great and has fit in wonderfully!

Sunny and her orange orb - ©

Sunny and her orange orb – ©