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07/24/2017 – Miscellaneous Monday

You know how a bunch of miscellaneous things can really pile up if you let them? What better way to start off a week than by clearing out a bunch of miscellaneous photos on a Monday? Okay, let’s get through these.

One of a series of scratched things.

Somebody's favorite thing - ©

Somebody’s favorite thing – ©

Our neighbor’s dog sometimes watches us from his balcony.

A neighbor's pupper - ©

A neighbor’s pupper – ©

On this warm summer day, remembering that one brisk, cold day (courtesy of the sharp eyes of Da Tabbies O Trout Towne).

Gonna be a cold one - 2015 © and da Tabbies o Trout Towne

Gonna be a cold one – 2015 © and da Tabbies o Trout Towne

Album cover or ominous warning?

Rat in darkened hall - ©

Rat in darkened hall – ©

Bottom’s up.

Viola always investigating - ©

Viola always investigating – ©

Quint, the official package opener. No need for special tools.

Official package opener - ©

Official package opener – ©

When not opening packages, Quint doubles as a mouse tail chewer. Reason Number 83 why Colehaus mice are tailless.

Official tail chewer - ©

Official tail chewer – ©

Terrible photo of a fuzzy Miss Newton hugging a stuffed trout. Awesome shot of the kitchen trashcan lid.

Fuzzy cat and trout - ©

Fuzzy cat and trout – ©

Thanks for allowing us to clear out our miscellaneous photos!

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05/15/2017 – A Brief Lesson on Life with Olivia

Hey, what's this? - ©

Hey, what’s this? – ©

When I touch it... - ©

When I touch it… – ©

... it slides across the glass - ©

… it slides across the glass – ©

... and it slides some more - ©

… and it slides some more – ©

... and then... oops! - ©

… and then… oops! – ©

Mom: Hey, anyone see the lens cap for the camera? Anyone? Anyone?

Olivia's not saying a word - ©

Olivia’s not saying a word – ©

05/05/2017 – Friday Fun

Just about a month ago, we mentioned Zuzu and her love for the Ring o’ Fun. Well, even patrol sergeants have to go to work every now and then, so while Patrol Sergeant Zuzu was off probably inspecting the inside of her eyelids, Sunny discovered the Ring o’ Fun a.k.a. Turbo Ring.

Sunny and the Turbo Ring -  ©

Sunny and the Turbo Ring – ©

She got the hang of it fast and spent several minutes whacking that ball around and around, faster and faster.

Getting the hang of it - ©

Getting the hang of it – ©

First with one paw going one direction, and then the other paw whapping the ball the other direction.

Whapping that ball - ©

Whapping that ball – ©

Until finally, the ball came to a slow stop.

Watching it go around - ©

Watching it go around – ©

And then she sat there and stared at it some more, you know, just in case it decided to take off on its own or something. Or maybe she was figuring out, in her head, some velocity equation that would explain why the ball seemed to slow down faster when going one direction opposed to the other.

And watching it not go around - ©

And watching it not go around – ©

And after a long while, she finally walked away and took that much needed nap. Hard math will do that to you, or so we hear.

A well deserved nap - ©

A well deserved nap – ©