Auction for Marigold – Quint Painting.

Remember last month when Quint created his summer 2013 paintings? One was unique and unlike any of his others in the series.

Quint's Summer Pink Roses 2013 up for auction for Marigold. 2013 © Colehaus Cats

Quint’s Summer Pink Roses 2013 up for auction for Marigold.
2013 © Colehaus Cats

Quint liked that one the best and so we held it back from his art shop site until something came along that touched our hearts. Something as special as Marigold.

Marigold, a white and ginger princess, was one of three surviving kitties from Rose and the Royals after Mom Rose died on February 10, 2013. Initially taken to a shelter, Marigold was rescued to live with Mom Laura. Just this past week (June 16th) sweet Marigold was helped to the Bridge after contracting Wet FIP. As you might imagine, her vet bills are many and an auction has been set up to help.

Here’s where we, meaning Quint and us, wished to help. Colehaus Cats has been extremely fortunate to have always had a ginger female in our family going back as far as 1977. We couldn’t imagine life without a rare orange and white princess – Puddy, Spot, Zooot and now Miss Newton and Pia Bean. We love ginger girls!

Quint has requested that his one of a kind, acrylic watercolor Summer Pink Roses painting, Number 1 of 1 created, go toward helping. Like all his art pieces, it is an original painting, not a print, and comes signed and numbered.

Please peruse all the great items up for bid at Furriends of the Cat Blogosphere site. At last count, nearly 40 items have been donated to help ease Marigold’s passing. Help us help her.

Thank you and thank you for caring!

This is my painting face.

This is my painting face! 2013 © Colehaus Cats.

31 responses to “Auction for Marigold – Quint Painting.

  1. This is a beautiful painting and a great thing to do with it! Happy Friday to all of you! XOXO

  2. That painting is how we found your blog and shop. Thank you for donating it and for sharing Quint’s skills with us. They are lovely.

  3. That is a lovely painting by Quint and we hope it does well. We wish you well. Hope you have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. What a beautiful painting, and what a fantastic thing to do with it 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  5. That is a lovely painting. And how wonderful that it’s for Marigold. 🙂

  6. My human was really bummed that we had nothing to contribute to this auction. I wanted to donate something better than just a book, so we took a look around – and there really wasn’t anything! 🙁 I’m going to take a look at Quint’s painting though. That does look like a very special one.

  7. da tabbies o trout towne

    quint…manee thanx two ewe for de donationz oh yur art werk…. havin three oh yur paintings in trout towne…we noe who ever “wins” it, will loves it…..
    de veree best ta mom laura…..

    we hope ewe all haza grate week oh end ~~~~~~ !!! XO

  8. Quint, what a kind and generous thing to do… but we always knew you were that kinda ginger!
    Much love from Cherry City

  9. That was very thoughtful of you to donate your beautiful painting Quint.

  10. We (and our human Lady) fell in love with the painting the moment we saw it in the auction. You do such beautiful work. Last we checked, your painting is the most popular item in the auction!

  11. That is beautiful! How kind you are, Quint! xx

  12. That is so sweet of you Quint and we are proud of you for lending a helping paw!

  13. How wonderful that you’re donating your beautiful painting to such a good cause. That’s an especially beautiful one, Quint.

  14. Oh Quint, you are such a kind kitty! And we ADORE this particular painting of yours, it really is such a special piece. Bless you for helping Marigold.

  15. Beautiful and special painting. Pink seemed to be Marigold’s color. Even her PTU was pink.

  16. That is so very sad with the royals. So many deaths in their family 🙁
    We hope that paiting sells for a deserving price.

  17. That’s a really pretty painting! Quint is very talented.

  18. What a beautiful painting!!! We think Quint is amazingly talented 🙂

  19. Quint is FURRY amazing!!!
    Such a cute budding artist too!
    ; ) Katie

  20. This is a wonderful painting! Mes wishes mes had the green papers to gets Quints paintings, as they is all so spectacular and an original….
    Wowzers! Whoever bids the mostest is the luckiest!

  21. Wow you have a big kind heart xxx

  22. Lovely painting, Quint. How nice to donate it for Marigold’s auction.

  23. Quint você é um artista talentoso e de coração muito bom, espero que vocês consigam toda a ajuda necessária para despesas com veterinário.

  24. What a kind and sweet thing to do! Quint, what an artist you are! Purrhaps 500+ years ago you roamed the earth as an Italian named Leornado, who also loved painting.

  25. Quint, you are a talented artist! Love your color scheme. What brand of paints do you use? Maybe one of my kitties might like to paint too.

    Katie Kat

    • Thank you for visiting us, Katie Kat! When my dad took me to the craft store, I picked out child and pet-friendly paint. Dad says sometimes the Tempura Pro Art child-friendly paint is available and I like using that the best, though the blue and red colors are stinky in my option. My biggest rule of paw is to never lick your paws when the paint is on them, and let your mom wash your paws afterward in lots of warm water. I like this part almost as well as I like painting! Purrs…

  26. That is so sad. All that and then FIP. We just saw that there is a breakthrough on this killer just this month.
    Thanks to Quint for being such a great cat. All the true masters have given to help those in need.
    Purrs and we will get Dad to bid on some goodies.
    Timmy and family

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