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03/04/2016 – Foster Friday

What's that, Zuzu asks - 2016 ©

What’s that, Zuzu asks – 2016 ©

“Uh oh!” Patrol Sergeant Zuzu says upon seeing a carrier appear as if by magic. Please tell me it’s not my turn yet!”

One rowdy Miss Itty - 2016 ©

One rowdy Miss Itty – 2016 ©

It’s Miss Itty’s day for her official vet ear checkup. We’re hoping the vet has good things to say about her ears. It sounds like they always have to sedate her to do a thorough examination. And since they do this later on in the day when they have time to see her, she has to be dropped off early in the morning. We’ll all have to wait to hear what they found (if nothing else, hopefully very clean ears!) and we’ll pick her up sometime in the afternoon. Let’s hope she isn’t too cranky, though it will be perfectly understandable if she is. Wish her luck!

03/02/2016 – Viola

That adorable Viola - 2016 ©

That adorable Viola – 2016 ©

That Viola and her tongue. Always out, always waggling in the wind, but always, always willing to give kisses.

Undercover Viola - 2016 ©

Undercover Viola – 2016 ©

MOM! Could you find a more embarrassing photo to share with the world??

Hmm, yes. Yes, we probably could, sweetie. *wink*

Viola's baby tongue - 2013-2016 ©

Viola’s baby tongue – 2013-2016 ©