07/27/2015 – It’s a Thing

Pay no attention to the cat behind the curtain - 2015 © Colehauscats.com

Pay no attention to the cat behind the curtain – 2015 © Colehauscats.com

Before we open the drapes in the morning (yes amazing and true, we do have one pair of drapes), someone is always laying behind them, probably to catch the early morning sunshine, maybe to spy on backyard visitors, or perhaps to have a private conversation. This has become a daily occurrence.

Apparently, this is a thing now.

The Curtain Thing - 2015 © Colehauscats.com

The Curtain Thing – 2015 © Colehauscats.com

We see you - 2015 © Colehauscats.com

We see you – 2015 © Colehauscats.com

26 responses to “07/27/2015 – It’s a Thing

  1. Be careful your humans don’t treat on your tail Tessa.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  2. Lucky you that you get to fur up those drapes!

  3. You two are a Dynamite duo!!
    Hugs madi your bff

  4. that’s one of Cody’s favorite places to be!

  5. Looks like the new hot spot.

  6. This means you’re not opening them early enough, LOL!

  7. Cute with a curtain thing 🙂

  8. manxmnews2014

    See you get sunbeams and secrecy at the same time!

  9. Is your mommy sleeping in later than you’d like kitties is that why?

    Emma and Buster

  10. Maybe they are just showing themselves off to the neighbors! My human loves seeing kitties posing through a window.

  11. meowloz two ewe tessa & quint !!

    pleez noe yur mom haz diz covered yur sekrit hidin spot wher monday meetingz take place….. bout yur planz ta take over de werld…..


    hope full lee her willna bee abe bull ta reed what ewe rited on de drapes for plan ….operayshunz sekrit ….ore sum shredded mite be on order…..

    ~~~~~~ ♥♥♥

  12. It’s a privacy thing! We soak up the early light in peace and watch any intruders 🙂

  13. What a great place to hang out, get warm in the sun, spy on the neighbors and have some good conversations. You two just know what you are doing. Have a great day.

  14. We are big fans of behind the drapes here too.

  15. Looks like a totally purrfect spot to me too!

  16. A perfect hiding spot!

  17. The Swiss Cats

    That’s a great place to hide, watch, and enjoy the sun ! Purrs

  18. Meus amores cuidado com a cauda! hehehe
    É um ótimo posto de observação.

  19. looks like a great place to do some secret plotting 😀 we have vertical blinds that we like to get behind in a similar fashion. ours is more of an afternoon thing to catch the sunpuddles 🙂 those drapes sure look like they’d be fun to climb!

    pip, smidgen, Minnie, hollie

  20. MOL! It’s a popular spot!

  21. That looks like the perfect morning spot to spy on the neighbors… or maybe just the squirrels.

  22. Hee hee! We like to do that too which rumor has it will be on our blog tomorrow even. 🙂

  23. We don’t got drapes to play wif, but if we did, I know we’d be in da windows too!

  24. Privacy, that is all you want!

  25. I spy with my little eye…

  26. We only have a couple of drapes here but we love laying behind them!