Who Needs Security? We’ve Got Watch Cat.

Our little watch cat. Seth. 2012 © Colehaus Cats.

When he’s not helping rearrange furniture or commenting on the lack of green decor (it’s an orange cat thing, he insists), Seth stands watch. This window, that window, the window over the kitchen sink, upstairs, downstairs. What is it that grabs his attention so?

One guess: It’s got nothing to do with furniture.

2 responses to “Who Needs Security? We’ve Got Watch Cat.

  1. Hi Kitties, thank you for visiting our blog the other day and leaving a comment. We’ve added you to our reading list and look forward to getting to know you 🙂 Seth we are window watchers here too, it’s just the best pastime ever!!!!

    • Seth’s a bird watcher from waaay back, but he likes squirrels the best. Hope you have lots of good things to watch too! Thank you for visiting us!