The Physics Lesson, by Miss Newton.

Newton Dangles.

Miss Newton Dangles. 2012 © Colehaus Cats.

We’re not exactly sure what was going on here (Miss Newton dangled there with Pia and Quint and his bunny watching her for over a full minute!) but feel free to write your own story.

[Editor’s Note: If you missed it, we had a special post yesterday in which Quint and some of his paintings were featured over at Desert Raven Art as their Artsy-Fartsy Tuesday Artist. Many, many thanks to Al and Mary, Roxy, the Traveling Dog and Torrey too!]

51 responses to “The Physics Lesson, by Miss Newton.

  1. Ha ha that would make a great suggest a caption post. Hope all is well. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. She’s channeling Sir Isaac. That’s the only other Newton I’ve heard of who was involved in the physics thing. Sir Fig is busy making cookies.

  3. How very odd. It must be comfortable

  4. Hmm, maybe it’s supposed to be a health thing….You know, hang upside down for a while, let all the blood rush to your head. Though how that can be “healthy” is beyond us!

    • Unless….she’s going for attention. You know, getting a rise out of whomever might be sleeping in her favorite spot? Intimidation factor maybe? Who knows?

  5. I LOVE seeing this picture. Mom does too. She needed a smile and now she has one and seeing all that gingery goodness just lifts the spirits!

  6. Just hanging around the house fur sure!

  7. That made us giggle 🙂 Thanks for popping buy the mad blog..It makes Alfie ( the furball ) feel special, coz he thinks wez have too many dogs on the blog..BOL they’z all our furiends xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  8. We think someone wants that bunny, is what we think!

  9. BTW, can we just meow how wonderful it is to see so much orange in one house ? 🙂

  10. I don’t know what is going on, but it looks like fun!

  11. uh… she’s a diving coach, showing them proper tech-neek?
    It doesn’t matter, Miss Newton and Pia Bean are my favorite Ginger girls ! And little Quint the Ar-teest is going to be a handsome mancat himself some day!

  12. Oh you babies are just adorable! That’s such a great shot of you three ‘hanging’ out together.

    Would you mind if I used this picture on my LOLSpot? In case you haven’t seen it, here’s the link:

    In fact, I could do a little feature on you if you agree. Just leave a another comment to let me know. Thanks.

  13. MOL
    That is too funny…what goes up must come down.
    You are all very gorgeous
    Thanks for your congrats today..

  14. Hahaha dangling looks fun! But I really wonder what made her do that! LOL!

  15. What is going on is fun! Have a great day!

  16. We like your story, but no matter what is going on, they look like they’re having a good time doing it…

  17. WOW— I don’t think I could even do THAT! Seems like there’s an attentive audience tho!!


    • Pia and Quint were completely riveted to Newton’s action, or lack thereof. Out of camera view were the rest of the bunch egging her on. “Jump!” they seemed to be saying. Rough crowd that day, we can tell you.

  18. So nice of you to come by my place. Feel free to drop by anytime, and we will do the same.

    Quill and Meg

  19. Quint–We didn’t know you were an amazing!

    And, the stretch and balance trick on a cat tree..the cirque de soleil may want your act..or Bill Nye the Science Guy..hehe


  20. Why, you’re just defying grabbity! That’s what. I am furry impressed! But isn’t all your bloods rushing up to your little headdy???

  21. That’s a funny picture. The sloooooow motion descent happens around here sometimes, too.

    And hooray, it’s adorable Pia! It had been a while since we saw her on your blog. our Newton has a crush on your Pia.

    • It truly was a sloooooooooooooooooooow descent too, like cold molasses in winter slow.

      It has been a while since Pia made an appearance, hasn’t it? We think she’s taking tattle-tale notes on some of the others, and we’re expecting a big list from her any day now. Oh, and your Newton! What a handsome, handsome guy he is! He and Pia would make quite the impressive pair!

  22. Couldn’t tell ya what was going on but… it sure was CUTE! purrs

  23. Hee hee hee!! Sometimes it’s best not to ask…

  24. Wowwie! Zowwie! Me is really happy yous stopped by to to sees mes on wordless Wednesday! And there is so many of my friends here and wes is almost neighbors (well we has the sate of Washington between us.
    Thanks yous!

  25. Newton! Haz you discovered…ANTIgravity???

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