Spay Day for Tessa.

Tessa, growing up fast! 2012 © Colehaus Cats.

The time has come. Already, our little found kitten is ready for that big vet date. It’s spay day. After surgery, she’ll stay overnight at our favorite local vet who specializes in cats only and where Tessa will receive 24/7 attention and care until we bring her back home.

As our little girl spends her first big night away from home and goes through her procedure, please keep her in your thoughts.

10 responses to “Spay Day for Tessa.

  1. Meowmepurr's Mumma

    We will think good thoughts for Tessa today, and we know that Auntie Dr. Carrie and Auntie Dr. Cathy and their gang will take VERY good care of her. They are the best!!

  2. Oh Tessa, we are sending you tons of purrs for your first day away from home. You probably won’t feel good for a day or two but it will get better. We will be thinking about you. Take care.

    • Thank you, Marg. I’ve just heard back and Tessa’s has come out of surgery just fine. She’s waking up and purring up a storm. Thank you for your purrs!

  3. Glad to hear that she came out of surgery fine. I’m sure she’ll be soooo glad to see you when you pick her up after her first night away from home!

  4. Sending good thoughts Tessa’s way.. I know how hard it is for all of you… A year ago today Alex had his tail amputated…. the support that I received from the cat bloggers so helped me, I hope our good wishes and love help you…

    • Thank you for your good wishes and love. The cat bloggers have been wonderful! Tessa’s home and sitting right beside me this very minute watching the cursor and waiting to pounce on the screen. Yep, she’s back to her old, young self again.

  5. Laura & Taffy

    We will keep purring for Tessa until she is completely healed. It’s good to hear she has come home.

    • Purrs back at you. Tessa is here and yes, purring away at the moment, lying next to the computer monitor. She feels really good this morning. We think it’s all up from here! Thank you!