Sleepy Little Kitten.

Sleepy Little Kitten. Pia Bean. June 2012 © Colehaus Cats.

Boy, it sure must be exhausting being a kitten. With all that bouncing around and clawing and running and scratching and learning to climb, having to stop to drink water and eat a few nibbles of food, needing to check out just the right spot in those giant litter boxes, and pick out favorite toys and play for a while with one and even longer with the other one and then check out a speck of fuzz on the floor, then climb back up onto the bed for a bit of personal grooming and…and…and…*PLOP!*

And all before lunch! Pia picks the best spot in the house for a noontime nap.

6 responses to “Sleepy Little Kitten.

  1. Awww, what an exhaused pretty little kitty! yeah, they do run run run and then just suddenly flop over asleep, and when they wake up, it’s run run run again!

  2. Ah….to be a kitten again….

  3. We know about kittens in the litter box. Billy seems to spend several minutes in there, digging and digging until he has the hole just right, then another few minutes filling everything back in.