Shhhh, I’m Sleeping.

Sleeping Maxx. © Colehaus Cats.

What’s wrong with this photo? Where to begin, where to begin…

1) Under-exposed. We’ve never professed to be good photographers.
2) Over-exposure of thumb partially covering flash. See reason above.
3) The chandelier needs dusting.
4) Mom’s heart took fifteen minutes to settle down.

Nope, the oversized cat sleeping on the narrow ledge overlooking a twenty-foot dropoff where he knows he’s not supposed to EVER be couldn’t possibly be wrong.

(Everything turned out okay and Maxx was carefully removed from the ledge without incident. Whew!)

12 responses to “Shhhh, I’m Sleeping.

  1. We don’t see anything wrong with that napping spot. 😛

  2. Ben regularly naps on the banister…drives me crazy with worry!!!

  3. I sure hope you got to finish your snooze.

    • I did, Maxx says, in a comfy leather chair that I have since commandeered with my Busy Bee toy and my favorite blanket and even Dad respects my space. I don’t know what I was thinking sleeping on that hard wooden ledge. I must just have wanted Mom’s attention or something. I was young then, and sometimes silly.

  4. Yikes! I’m not surprised you couldn’t concentrate on good photography when you saw where Maxx was napping. I’m surprised the picture came out at all.

    • And I’m surprised it didn’t come out blurry as well! I was shaking with worry, even with Dad standing just out of picture range to secure him off that ledge immediately afterward. Silly boy!

  5. That is kind of scary when they sleep in places like that. Silly kitties. Glad he was all right.

  6. We love your sleeping silhouette, Maxx.
    Thank you for visiting us, sending comforting purrs and encouragement.
    Cinders’ 18 and we feel she may be near her journey’s end. Purrs!