Pia Bean – Growing Up Fast!

Pia Bean's first official press photo. She's got the head-tilt right.

Pia Bean and Long Legs. June 2012 © Colehaus Cats.

Many of you have been asking about Pia Bean. She’s growing so fast, it’s hard to keep up with her somedays. Over the past month, her personality has really developed. For instance, she likes sleeping upside down on Mom’s pillow and curling up with stuffed animals. She’s forgone the green straws for purple ones and can hold her own (and then some) when tussling with close sister, Tessa. She loves big sister Newton who’s teaching her all the cat ropes and she has a crush on big brother Seth who, because they are the exact same color, keeps thinking he’s shed a little mound of fur that he must bury.

Pia is rather tenacious, her Dad says. Unafraid of the vacuum cleaner and of her bigger, older brothers, she’s mastered the stairs, all the furniture and thank goodness, can’t slide herself under the couch any longer.

She howls for Mom whenever the two haven’t seen each other in a while. Howls is a strong word. Pia “peeps” instead of meows. Think baby duck sounds. Very, very, very insistent baby duck sounds.

And she flicks her poofy tail around when she’s sassy. Ms. Sassy Pants is one of about fifty nicknames she’s earned in the two short months she’s been with us.

Pia’s Spay Day is coming up in a few weeks. We have little doubt she’ll bounce back tougher, stronger and cuter than ever. She’s growing into quite the beautiful little lady!

10 responses to “Pia Bean – Growing Up Fast!

  1. Pia, you are such an adorable cutie-pie!

  2. Oh Pia, you do sound a little like a wild child but gosh you sure are a cute wild child. We love kitties like you. We have one here whose name is Two Two. We will send lots of purrs for your little lady day.
    Take care.

  3. Pia is a loverly orange kitten girl.

  4. Squeeeeeeeeeeeee! <—- Our Lady made that noise. You sure are one gorgeous little fluffy girl!

  5. What a cute little creature! I’m jealous that she’s not afraid of the vacuum. I run every time the damn thing comes out.

    • LOL! Pia’s growing up and yes, some days she’s more “creature” than precious kitten! The vacuum thing is just a fluke, we think. The minute we decide she needs vacuuming will, undoubtedly, be the end of her tolerance. Thanks for your visit!