Our First Award!

THANK YOU so much to our friends Harry, Dexter and Tipp at Cherry City Kitties for blessing us with our first award ever!

Beautiful Blogger Award

We’re honored and promise to love it and sniff it and pet it and pose with it. Oh, and share it, too!

Newton with the Beautiful Blogger Award

The other important stuff – The rules to accept the Beautiful Blogger Award are:
1. Thank and link back to the sender.
2. Tell 7 things about you your reader may not know.
3. Nominate 15 bloggers for the award.

That’s it! Easy-Peasy, or is it? Yikes! Our 7 things:

1. Miss Newton, a.k.a. Fireball: I *strongly dislike* being picked up. It has to be on my timeline and it’s just not time yet.

2. Seth, the Comfort Cat: Because the Dad’s working all day, he needs comforting the most, and so I sleep on the Dad’s chest all night long.

3. Since counting calories and meeting the Furminator brush, Maxx is proving to the world he has a neck now. Maxx has no comment.

4. Tessa, a.k.a Danger Cat: Twice a day, I insist Mom give me extra pets and snuggles – once at 1 p.m. and once at 4:30 a.m. Mom isn’t too thrilled about that morning one as you might imagine.

5. Pia: I’m a sassy, tough cat now and can hold my own with sisters Danger Cat and Fireball in their roughest fights, even in the jumbled shoe bin on top of Dad’s shoes!

6. the Dad spends at least two hours every day at his job wishing he could bring at least one kitty to work with him. But…no one would get any work done, he winks and says knowingly.

6.5. the Dad keeps forgetting Pia has kitten-needle claws instead of soft marshmallow-y paws. Time to restock the Band-Aids!

7. the Mom can identify whose poop is whose with a 99 percent accuracy rate. It’s a learned skill, but not resume-worthy.

Double Yikes!! 15 blogs to share this award with. We’re not sure who hasn’t received this beauty yet, but we’re searching! In the meantime, we’d like to share this award with:

Handsome Henry at Need I Say Meow

Noir’s Nook Because Noir is art.

Everyone at Cat Wisdom 101 because they’re wise and Mom always likes the mention of older cats needing furever homes too!

Jazz Cat for making the Mom laugh.

My Three Moggies. Oh, the joy we get from Archie, Oscar and Henry.

Alfie at A purrfect Cat Boy, do we ever want Alfie’s cat tree!

Cats & Co Thanks for the information and entertainment!

And thanking everyone at Just Cats for the beautiful photos!

Thank you again, Cherry City Kitties!

12 responses to “Our First Award!

  1. Wow a big thanks you and a huge congratulations to everyone else. It has been a while on the awards so this has cheered mum up as it indicates she is doing something right at the moment 🙂 meowwwww.
    How do we follow you?

    • You’re welcome. You deserve it! Yippee for cheering up too! Thank you so much for visiting!

      If you want to follow us, you are welcome to grab a badge and code and add it to your site.

      Colehaus Cat badges

      Or add us to your favorites. We post something new every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Hope to see you again!

  2. Conga rats on the award. That is such a nice award. We loved hearing all the things about all of you. You sound like such a fun group. Hope you have a great day.

  3. Thank you so much!

  4. Thanks so much! This made my day. Xoxo

  5. Congratulations on your award! We’re sure this is just the first of many!!

  6. Congratulations! Good to know more about your fur fambly.

  7. Just playing long lost cat-chup on some posties. We wanted to see who you passed your award on to. Some real cool cats for sure! Lovin’ your expanding family.

    Dexter is inquiring after Miss “Firecracker” Newton. He thinks she looks beautiful all brushied up!
    The boys over at Cherry City

    • Thank you, boys! Miss Newton is indeed a Firecracker this week now that the new kids are out of isolation and mingling with the rest of the family. Nothing like chasing kittens and being chased to get her all bushy-furred and wild-eyed. She LOVES it! And already, she’s becoming the peace maker between the young ones and the older boys. I think we’re looking at the next Colehaus Cats Queen in training!