No Bunny Knows…

Pia with her Bunny.

Pia Bean snuggling with her Bunny. June 2012 © Colehaus Cats.

Hard to believe the time has flown by so fast, Pia is now bigger than her Bunny! But not six weeks ago. Back then, when she was almost tiny, she was all about “The Stare.” Here Pia looks deep into the camera, nay, deep into your soul.

You cannot resist my kitten-y stare. You cannot look away. Give me all your foods, your toys and your Internets!

10 responses to “No Bunny Knows…

  1. Oh Pia, you are so darn cute. I bet you are all grown up now. We love that look. Hope all of you have a super day.

    • I’m growing bigger every day! And my staring powers are growing too. I can get Mom to pick me up anytimes I want now. Have a good weekend and pick up lots of cats.

  2. My human Tommy is blubberin’ all about Pia. A cute little itty bitty kitty and she uses her kitty mind meld powers on everybody! 🙂 And thanks for stoppin’ by my blog today–my human wants to know if she’s gotta pay you anything for great critique you gave her? 🙂


    • *Tessa and Pia waving paws* No needs for anything. We just dabble in art and like to share knowledge of a good piece when we sees it! The art world needs more artful cats! Have a good weekend!

  3. Oh my goodness, cute overload fur sure Pia!

  4. My little sis does that too. Although for the food she just pushes us out of our bowls!
    Thanks for visiting my little bloggie. I’m glad I found yours =^.^=

  5. Oh, that stare! There’s no way that anyone can say no to that stare. More food? Sure! Hugs? Sure! Treats? Sure! She’s absolutely adorable. They grow so fast. Enjoy her while she’s little!

    • We are already missing her stubby kitten legs and round, floofy face. But what a beauty she’s turning into! We can hardly wait until she’s an adult! Have a great weekend!