MultiCat Monday and Stuff

Closest Ever - 2015 © Colehaus Cats

Closest Ever – 2015 © Colehaus Cats

OMC! This is the closest these two ginger princesses have ever been to each other without growling and screeching! And there’s been a lot of that going on lately because both girls have laid claim to Dad’s scritching hands, usually at the exact same time. We’re going to assume Patrol Sergeant Zuzu is very, very sound asleep because we’re sure she wouldn’t put up with Pia settling in on the same sofa. Shhh…. *tiptoe-ing away*

Sharing other Monday news and photos, Limpy, the squirrel who came to visit last month has been back eating at the feeder. We fear his right wrist is permanently healed in a broken position or was possibly deformed from the start, and his left leg is still wobbly but he obviously gets around and can eat fine.

Limpy, the Squirrel - ©

Limpy, the Squirrel – ©

Limpy will never want for food around here and we hope he feels comfortable enough to visit us anytime.

Another visitor who caught our attention around the time we first saw Limpy was a particular fox sparrow with growth on its feet. Or, we should say foot. We first thought he had his right leg curled up near its body. We’ve since confirmed ol’ One Leg Jack has but one leg, not an uncommon sight in nature.

One Leg Jack - ©

One Leg Jack – ©

Jack has lots of feeding and hiding places in the backyard so we’re not too worried about him.

Back to cats, Mom’s been able to get within four feet of Cocoa in the early dawn hours. If Churchill isn’t waiting for her to put out the food bowl, Cocoa is. Mom can’t wait to run her fingers through that fur, look deep into those pretty eyes, and determine if Cocoa is a boy or a girl.

Cocoa - ©

Cocoa – ©

25 responses to “MultiCat Monday and Stuff

  1. love seeing the kitties and I am a squirrel freak so Limpy made me smile extra big today!

  2. Squirrel teeth grow constantly. You should also give Limpy lots of things to chew on so he can grind down his teeth: sterilized dog bones, cuttle bone, unshelled nuts, pieces of wood, pumice stone and deer antlers. We’re glad your animal visitors have safe places to eat 🙂

    • Thanks, Terri! We knew about the squirrels growing teeth thing and with every morning scoop of nuts, included are hard shelled varieties. They also chew on the tops of our fence and their own nut box (which we replace every other year). We don’t mind, they’re squirrels! Thank you for letting us know about the other hard chewy things!

  3. Poor squirrel and birdie, it is nice of you to feed them. Cocoa is very pretty as our the ginger ladies.

  4. Katie Isabella

    OH Girls, please…be generous about Daddy. And Cocoa…you are a raving beauty!

  5. I’m betting that Cocoa is a boy; look at that broad tomcat face! Are you going to TNR him/her?

    • Um, first we’ll walk down to where we’ve seen Cocoa hang out to ask around about him/her and then, take it from there. If he/she’s a free agent, Cocoa will get the full vet treatment – tests, shots, snip-snip, etc. We’ve TNR’d before, years ago, but we generally don’t talk much about it nowadays. We were blasted pretty badly for mentioning something of the sort in a chat room fairly recently so we tend to keep that to ourselves and our vet. And the kitty, of course!

  6. I’m glad the locals have you to take care of them,xx SPeedy

  7. Wow ya’ll have a lot of visitors.
    Go Pia.
    Go Zuzu!!

    • We do! We count ourselves very lucky to have as many birds and critters as we do. The fountain attracts them, we’re sure. That, and we’re suckers who purposely feed them all (shhh, don’t let da tabbies of trout towne know!).

  8. Zuzu must be sound asleep! MOL!

    We’re so glad you’ll be looking out for Limpy…poor thing…and Jack. Cocoa sure is a good looking cat!

  9. Purrhaps Pia acquired the neccessary permits before Zuzu went to sleep? That could explain it.

  10. yes, bak ta cats pleez….sure it wuz good…we guess… ta see limpy but frank lee we coulda done with out….well ewe noe….

    happee mackerull monday !!! N we dinna shout that sew pia & zuzu can keep on chillaxin 🙂 ♥

  11. My dearest ginger princess… even if Zuzu is sleeping, I am proud of you working so hard on your “people” skills and sharing not only the furniture, but the Daddy. It is a sign of your maturity and wisdom. <3 Dexter

    pee ess: did you know today is kiss a ginger day???? MUAH! ~ D.

  12. You certainly have a lot of critter activity around your house! I’m glad the slightly handicapped ones know to come around your home for goodies.

  13. oh these ginger lady cats hopefully will find a way to get along well :).

    you have wonderful visitors.

    Emma and Buster

  14. Poor One Leg Jack! We see a lot of mite-derived “scaly leg disease” in grackles and blackbirds here. Maybe Jack is suffering from something similar. It’s so nice that he and Limpy have a safe place to go to get a good meal! (And the cat TV watching must be epic, too…)

    • We do think Jack’s condition is the same as in your grackles and blackbirds. Ours seem to be limited to sparrows, pine siskens, and goldfinches, thankfully. The juncos and towhees toes always look clear.

  15. Poor Limpy and Jack. I’m glad they both feel safe enough at your place to hang out.

    And what about those two girls, right?!

  16. The Swiss Cats

    It’s nice of you to feed Limpy and Jack ! Well done girls ! Purrs

  17. Wow, lots of action at your house! Glad about Zuzu and Pia. Coco is so pretty. Poor Limpy, we’re glad he has you.

  18. Oh we got to see PIA!!! and that adorable Manx tail of Zuzu!! Then your adorable visitors who we are so happy feel safe at your house. Then Cocoa!!!! Oh my, what a beautiful KITTY!!!!!

  19. Y’all sure have lots happening at your house, including cats in close proximity. Just like you, whenever Mom sees something like that the camera comes out. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo