ManCat Monday – Quint.

Quint and his many, many toys.

Quint lays claim to one of many, many toys. 2012 © Colehaus Cats.

Our little man Quint is recovering nicely from his Snip Day last week by laying claim to all the toys at Colehaus. Lucky for him, no one seems to mind because new toys seem to arrive every week!

When not painting the walls with cat litter (ahem!), his new love are the multi-colored puff balls. How appropriate. This particular one he carries everywhere – upstairs, downstairs, the food dish, the litter box. Notice how his pink toes gently caress his favorite, his precious, keeping it near, yet almost tempting it to make a quick, bouncy get-away when he’s not looking.

Yesterday, when Mom’s nose detected a bit of funky, multi-colored puff ball smell, she scooped a lot of them up and popped them in the washing machine for a bit of freshening. At which time, Quint decided he could use a little man-scaping himself while his beloved puff balls tumbled in the dryer.

That Spotted, Ginger Belly.

Posing his spotted belly. 2012 © Colehaus Cats.

That comfortable pose. The sly, confident look in his eye. Quint invites you to gaze upon his spotted belly. So soft it is. And very, very kissable. Go ahead. Touch the screen. He knows you want to.

Quint's belly spots.

Quint’s belly spots. 2012 © Colehaus Cats.

7 responses to “ManCat Monday – Quint.

  1. He’s got the best tummy markings! How can you resist?

  2. He’s just adorable!
    We saw you on the BlogPaws community site and wanted to come by and say hello!
    : ) Katie & Glogirly
    GLOGIRLY-Tails Of A Cat & Her Girl