ManCat Monday – Maxx.

Maxx Toes.

Maxx with his Toes. 2012. © Colehaus Cats.

Because you caught me mid-lick, I demand from you…*puts on best Dr. Evil voice*…One BILLION Kisses!

Whatever you say, Maxx. Remind us also to put away the movie DVDs after an evening of “Austin Powers.”

4 responses to “ManCat Monday – Maxx.

  1. Looking good Maxx!!! The toes knows fur sure!

  2. You caught Maxx at a very cute moment!

  3. Maxx is adorable. Of COURSE we’ll kiss him!

  4. MOL! Good one, Maxx. Now, in the words of Dr. Evil, you should demand … “one BILLION” cat treats!