Lounge Lessons from Maxx.

Lounge Lessons from Maxx.

Maxx gives lounge lessons to Tessa. July 2012 Β© Colehaus Cats.

Maxx: You want my opinion?

Tessa: Hmm, not really.

Maxx: You move too fast. You need to slow down, little sister. Relax, lie down. Take it easy for once. All us gray cats deserve a little lounge time.

Tessa: But, but, but…I’ve got places to go! Things to see! Counters to jump up on….!

Maxx: Take it from me, kid. You want to embrace the inner calm and maximize the nap time. All those things will still be there later. Trust me.

Tessa: If I take a nap, then will you show me how to explore the kitchen counters?

Maxx: later, much late….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

12 responses to “Lounge Lessons from Maxx.

  1. Tessa looks like an attentive student. I’m sure she will ace Lounging 101 no problem πŸ™‚

  2. Just make sure you get your homework done Tessa!

  3. Considering today is National Relaxation Day, Tessa, we think you are relaxing just purrfectly!!

  4. That is too darn cute. Love how Tessa is looking at Maxx and visa versa. It is tough teaching those kittens how to act. Take care.

  5. Tessa looks up to Maxx and Maxx, well, he never liked anyone until Tessa came around and helped form the “Gray Cat Coalition of Colehaus.” Made himself leader, of course, and Tessa’s his little minion.

  6. Maxx sure is giving you some great advice, Tessa. After you learn how to do that relaxation thing, we hope he does show you how to explore those counters (’cause it’s FUN). πŸ™‚

    • No fair coaching there! Kitchen counters – bad. Floor, couch, chairs, bed, desk, bathroom sinks – all good! (Mom says she doesn’t think Tessa will ever get it right. *sigh*)

  7. Dexter here….
    Miss Newton and gang, I am inviting you over to Cherry City to recieve a very special award !