Dear Niblets, Week Five

Dear Niblets,

Wow! What an awesome week you’ve had! We’re pretty sure mama Erinn Zuzu is happy you’ve got your own litter boxes and mostly, know how to use them. You know how to run, really run, and Robbie, we’re laughing with you when you run extra fast, not at you. Honest!

Hi, I'm Robbie and I have meeelk on my nose - 2013 © Colehaus Cats

Hi, I’m Robbie and I have meeelk on my nose – 2013 © Colehaus Cats

You love your new toys and playing king of the scratching post seems to be a favorite. Lord knows you’ll need that kind of skill out in the real world when you begin climbing the corporate ladder! And who couldn’t love the Time Tunnel of Crinkly Fun? Just remember, run through it, don’t eat it!

Illy Niblet's eye are starting to change - 2013 © Colehaus Cats

Illy Niblet’s eye are starting to change – 2013 © Colehaus Cats

We’re still working on making that connection between ‘lapping formula/food from a bowl equals happy tummies.’ Viola and Robbie, you proved what you lack in tails, you make up for in smarts. You wasted no time at all learning about extra food. Viola in particular. You go, girl! Illy and Russell, we’re convinced your little lightbulbs will flick on sooner or later.

Russell Niblet says he loves mama over food in a bowl - 2013 © Colehaus Cats

Russell Niblet says he loves mama over food in a bowl – 2013 © Colehaus Cats

Niblets, you’re at the stage when socialization is important so you’ll be getting lots of visitors in the coming weeks (we hope!). So far, you’ve shown your relatively good manners and not bitten fingers or each other too badly. Your pants-climbing skills are exceptional. Gold stars all around! Can the window blinds be far behind? Let’s just do something to prevent that right away.

Viola loves her foster dad - 2013 © Colehaus Cats

Viola loves her foster dad – 2013 © Colehaus Cats

Grow strong, Niblets. We are so proud of you!

A million kisses and love,
your human Mom & Dad

25 responses to “Dear Niblets, Week Five

  1. The Niblets are just toooo cute ♡♥♡

  2. Those little Niblets are too cute for words xxoxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  3. Ohhh I can start my day with a HUGE SMILE NOW! xoxo

  4. We love the update and of course it is a good excuse to go ohhh and arrrhhh. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. Oh my goodness got my Niblet fix today!!!

  6. If Mommy was closer she’s be over to socialize ASAP!

  7. Can they possibly get any cuter?

  8. They all sound like they are doing so well!

  9. So sweet. Do they all have homes .. I would think they would being so cute.

  10. Oh.THOSE.BABIES. Such total sweetness.

  11. These four are going to make the best pets ever. We just love them.

  12. Oh, Niblets, we love you so much. What a joy to watch you grow up. 🙂

  13. We love those Nibblets! Even Pop comes over to ooh and aah over them. He loves Russell but TW is still partial to Viola. Hope they get lots of visitors.

  14. Mom says it’s hard to believe we were once that little. Sometimes when we jump too hard on her, we think she wishes we still were little! 🙂 Mom really wants to go play with the Niblets but we told her she has to stay here and take care of us. Erin has got to be prouder than a peacock….whatever that is!

  15. Litter boxes and plates of food? Our Niblets just took the giant leap!

    Pee Ess: So happy for you Erinn Zuzu 😉

  16. We love the Niblets!

  17. if we lived closer, mom would be over to help socialize. 🙂

  18. We are all proud of you and your human foster pawrents!! xox

  19. They are in the right home right now being taught so many things for kittens to do and they are loved. They will be and are right now loving, social, happy kitties thanks to you. Hugs and kisses cuties!

  20. They are simply adorable. Thank you for all that you do.

  21. We looove all the Niblets. They sure are growing fast. Our E does not have a Mama so has already transitioned to canned cat food. Dad was prepping a little bowl for him but he found the big cats dishes and now helps himself. He still loves his kitten formula that Dad makes every morning.
    Purrs little ones
    Timmy and family

  22. da tabbies o trout towne

    wee bee see in teethz wee ones…time ta start in on trout 🙂 ya mite knot take two it rite a way, sew never forgetz therz all ways toona, mackerull, flounder, sea bass N perch…just never never never EVER…eat BURD !!! 🙂

  23. What precious babies you all are!

  24. They sure are a group of cuties, and it appears full of fun and enthusiasm. Niblet love is still going strong at our house! Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo