Daydreaming of Warm Days.

Tessa Daydreaming.

Tessa Daydreaming. September 2012. © Colehaus Cats.

Can’t summer days go on forever? I don’t think I’ll like Autumn. I don’t think I’ll like Winter either!

Tessa daydreaming of low-flying birds, slow mice, favorite red straws and warm summer days that never end. Sorry, little girl. Blanket snuggling weather is just around the corner. Time to bring out the goose down comforters. We think you’ll love that!

9 responses to “Daydreaming of Warm Days.

  1. We know just how you feel, Tessa! Woke up this morning to Mom snuggling a blanket instead of me!

    Purss and mews,

  2. Hey sweetie, snuggle season can be fun too!

  3. I love the flannel sheets and fluffy comforters of winter!

  4. It is nice to snuggle in the cold weather. Lots of blankies and snuggling with the Mom. You are too cute Tessa. Take care.

  5. Tess you are gorgeous but we absolutely LOVE fall days!
    There might be a doggy in our avatar but we have a cat blog too! Hope you will visit us!

    Cat Chat

  6. Tessa, little cuteness, Spring is just a long nap away.

  7. Mom Julie sleeps with a goose down comforter and a quilt on top of that and we love it!

    We love summer, too, though and wish we had just a wee bit more of it. 🙂


  8. Don’t worry, Tessa – down comforters are warm and squishy, great for winter snuggles!