Danger Cat Finds Danger.

Tessa "Danger Cat" resting.

Tessa “Danger Cat” resting. 2012. © Colehaus Cats.

Tessa took a little adventure the other evening, one that put enough of a scare in both Mom and Dad that they loaded up the car and took the one they affectionately call, “Danger Cat” to the late night emergency hospital.

Imagine that – Danger Cat finding danger.

The story, as told by the others and with some pretty, strong evidence, had Tessa attempting to “surf” down the staircase banister. Seth, using his best surf-dude lingo, claims she highsided from the lip and managed an aerial barrel roll, then missed the hard rail and helicoptered over the edge to freefall to the foyer table twenty feet below.

He also said it was, “Gnarly.”

Mom and Dad heard the ruckus from outside and came running. After some observance, the decision was made to rush her to the emergency vet just to be on the safe side (not that Tessa likes anything labeled “safe”).

She’s a lucky girl. She has some mild bruising and muscle strain. And pain medication. And strict orders to stay off the short wall, the railing, the banister and everything else deemed dangerous. Oh, and to avoid danger of any kind and at all costs. Or as she heard it, “No fun for two weeks or you’ll explode.”

She also has her people watching over her every move like mother hens.

Cluck, cluck, Tessa. We’re watching you.

Tessa "Danger Cat."

Tessa “Danger Cat” Plotting Her Next Adventure.
2012. © Colehaus Cats.

5 responses to “Danger Cat Finds Danger.

  1. Oh goodness Tessa, sounds like you are an adventurous little missy. Glad Mom was there to get you fixed up. But that does sound like fun except for the end of it. Hope you have a great week end.

  2. OMC, Tessa, we’re glad you’re OK. Sounds like you certainly are a danger cat! Rest up and don’t scare your humans like that for a few days, at least.

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