Dad’s Newton.

Dad’s Little Girl Newton. 2012 © Colehaus Cats.

Dad, read me a story.

This isn’t a very good story book, little girl.

Pleeeeeeezeeee! Oh Pleeeeezeeee! Read me what you’re reading. Pleeeeezzzzzeeeee!

What I’m reading right now, huh? Let’s see, okay, here we go. “Control limits are calculated based on data from the formula process. Formulas for control limits are given in Appendix G under calculated limit controls. Several constants are needed in the formulas. The values of these constants are found in Appendix D under control calculations. When calculating…”

Nevermind, Dad.

7 responses to “Dad’s Newton.

  1. I think Newton just wanted a cuddle and the story didn’t really matter 🙂

  2. LOL! We’d say never mind too.

    Now if the story had birds and squirrels, maybe with some lovely illustrations….

    • Don’t think she hasn’t suggested just that. Dry reading should always be accompanied with illustrations of birds and squirrels. Oughta be a law!

  3. Yes, just snooze pretty one!

  4. dear newton,
    the daddy reads stuff that sounds like that too, the Momma says its stuff about these fancy computers. Sometimes its about spacey aliens. Sometime maybe I could read you something nice, like some James Herriot, I think you’d like it.
    your friend dexter