Colehaus Cat Seth on Decorating with Candles.

Seth with Rosy Rings Spicy Apple Candle. © Colehaus Cats.
Seth with Rosy Rings Spice Apple Candle. © Colehaus Cats.
Sometimes we think Seth is a closet home decorator. He likes things organized and put away. He likes to adjust the locations of objects used in decor. He especially likes candles, good smelling candles to be exact, like this Rosy Rings Spicy Apple Candle. Not just any old candle will do. And placement is key. It must sit within a proper viewing and sniffing locale, between two and a half to three feet off the floor on a study coffee table seems to work just about right.
He likes the Autumn-y smell and so we don’t light this candle often. That way he will have it around to smell and sit next to for years. And make adjustments when he sees fit.

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