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08/30/2017 – Already Looking for Autumn

Looking up - ©

Looking up – ©

Looking right - ©

Looking right – ©

Looking left - ©

Looking left – ©

Looking down - ©

Looking down – ©

Ruby, what are you doing??

I’m looking for autumn. Everywhere, everyone is saying it’s the end of summer. Autumn follows summer so I’m looking for autumn.

Ruby - ©

Ruby – ©

Autumn-colored Ruby is a fall girl at heart. Do we dare tell her she has twenty-four more days to wait ’til autumn officially begins?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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08/25/2017 – Pre-Weekend Update


Sweet Teese is scheduled to be accepted into our local No-Kill shelter early next week. Once they heard she was spayed and was in great health, the shelter manager put Teese on their move-in list. More news as it becomes available. THANK YOU ALL for your good thoughts and wishes toward getting sweet Teese into a safer environment. Keep those good thoughts coming that she find a perfect forever home soon!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Previously posted earlier today:

Sweet Teese, the cat who is not ours, went for a vet visit yesterday, just for an all around checkup and to get a clean bill of health in the chance someone, anyone, decides they need a forever cat. There we learned Teese is a spayed GIRL CAT, not a boy cat. See? The name “Teese” really fits now, doesn’t it?

That jokester Teese - ©

That jokester Teese – ©

She doesn’t have a microchip (so, sadly, we can’t harass the person who abandoned her… KIDDING, not kidding) and our vet said she was in remarkably great health for living outside with the raccoons since last December. She’s between 2 and 3 years old with beautiful teeth, is FeLV/FIV negative, and is now current with all her vaccines.

We are trying very hard to give her the best chance for a permanent adoption and are feeling a bit disheartened that the No-Kill shelter we love is unable to house her due to space constraints (please see BREAKING NEWS above for a change).

Because we here are at our maximum limit and absolutely cannot bring her inside, she is back outside, staying under a neighbor’s back porch with that raccoon Patches and her babies, probably because of the warmth and to keep a certain other neighborhood cat from picking on her. Teese is a lover, not a fighter, as is evident by a large scratch now across her nose as of early this morning.

Sweet Teese looking for a forever home - ©

Sweet Teese looking for a forever home – ©

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Last Friday, we mentioned all the vet trips we were in the middle of with three of the Colehaus ginger girls, plus Ruby. We’re not quite done, but close.

Ruby is back to eating just fine, again. We never discovered the cause of her stomach aliment (Mom still thinks it was an eaten spider), and we’re happy to report she’s gained back the pound and a half she lost.

Ruby back in the pink -  ©

Ruby back in the pink – ©

Sunny’s cough ended within hours of us posting here about it which was about the same time a weather front blew through and waved all that Canadian wildfire smoke away. She didn’t have to go back to the vet after all. However, we’re expecting more wildfire smoke here Sunday through next Wednesday. We’ll close up all our open windows and will keep an eye, and ear, open for any returning cough.

Snoozing Sunny - ©

Snoozing Sunny – ©

Miss Newton went back for her blood pressure recheck… only to not get a good enough reading to count. She goes back this weekend for another recheck. She wishes you all to know she is not happy about this in the least, AND that Mom hasn’t used her photo for a puzzle in like, for-evah!

Displeased Miss Newton - ©

Displeased Miss Newton – ©

Here’s that online jigsaw puzzle of the photo above… before someone forgets. Again.

Zuzu’s scaly back and ears have cleared up beautifully after a couple weeks of Clavamox and ear drops, both of which she took like a pro and didn’t complain a single time. Honestly, how did we get so lucky to have this loving girl be a part of our family?

That love Zuzu - ©

That love Zuzu – ©

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Other than Miss Newton’s bp recheck, our weekend plans include working on feral shelter and electric outlet improvements because now, when the temperatures are warm, is the time to do that, not when it’s forty degrees (F) and blustery out there. Right, Mom?

Have a wonderful weekend!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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08/18/2017 – Friday This and That

Some this and that tidbits for your Friday:

It’s official – Olivia is a love bug. She loves on Mom half the morning and most of the afternoons, now, after a few years of completely ignoring everyone, having preferred to spy on sisters and brother Quint while taking notes. Mom says Olivia knows all the drawers and cabinets in the house that hold cat combs and brushes and if everything goes to plan, Olivia will learn to fetch them all, begin to brush herself, and may open a grooming salon sometime in the future.

Shiny Olivia - ©

Shiny Olivia – ©

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

At Miss Newton’s yearly vet appointment a few weeks back, sadly, she was diagnosed with stage three kidney disease and high blood pressure. She’s on daily bp medication now (that she accepts like a champ!) and has finally, successfully, transitioned over to wet food (she’s a picky eater). She goes back soon for her third bp check to see if the medication is the correct dosage for her or whether adjustments need to be made. Like her sister Sunny, who also is in stage three chronic kidney disease (CKD), you’d never know to look at either of them or watch them race around the house.

Miss Newton takes a nap - ©

Miss Newton takes a nap – ©

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

For over a week, our area was blanketed in smoke from the wildfires up in Canada and though we kept our windows shut, we could still smell the smoke. The air is clear now, thanks to a bit of rain we had last Sunday (after a record-setting, 56-day rainless streak), but Sunny seems to have been affected by the smoke and now has a scratchy meow. We’re keeping an eye on her and will be making her another vet appointment soon. Her yearly checkup in early July came back in stellar form – everything is stable with no negative change to her CKD.

Happy Sunny is happy - ©

Happy Sunny is happy – ©

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Yes, super floofy Pia got a haircut, courtesy of Mom and three days of working on it. Many thanks to our vets at Feline Medical Clinic for helping us understand better how to use a hand-held trimmer which, frankly, we sucked at using previously.

Understandably, Pia is now a bit camera shy, not really knowing what to think of half her fur missing but clearly loving the cooler feel with the added bonus of being to find… um, nether bits that need extra attention.

She’s also hoping her sweet prince Dexter, from Cherry City Kitties, understands and sends him her constant love over the miles they are apart, despite that love not having as much fur attached.

DeFloofed Pia - ©

DeFloofed Pia – ©

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And to round out news on all the Colehaus ginger girls, Zuzu needed a vet checkup a couple of weeks ago to investigate a skin irritation thing affecting a portion of her back and her ears. Her culture test results came back negative for anything horrible and in the meantime, she’s on Clavamox and ear drops, both of which have helped.

Zuzu takes in the sun - ©

Zuzu takes in the sun – ©

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

While the ginger girls were hogging all the fun, and vet bill dollars, Ruby decided to eat a spider or something (Mom’s working theory) and a day later, completely and utterly stopped eating and started barfing. Three days later, Mom was force feeding her with a feeding syringe. The next day, Ruby saw the vet who prescribed fluids, an anti-nausea shot, and an appetite stimulant cut into 1/8th piece slivers of which she required just one before she picked up right where she left off – eating wonderfully again. Many, many thank yous again to our vets who squeezed Ruby in on their busiest day of the week.

Ruby - ©

Ruby – ©

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

With much glee, Mom announces her latest breakthrough: She got a full-body pet of visiting feral Mac (also known as Pretty Boy Mac, or PBM) the other morning when she put the food bowls in the feeding stations. And he didn’t complain, back away, or take off. He also has the softest, kitten-like mews. So much for that tough guy reputation!

Feral Mac - ©

Feral Mac – ©

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The raccoon babies have all gained a significant amount of weight and so, with a touch of sadness, we’ve stopped intentionally feeding them to allow them to learn how to become raccoons. We spent the last three weeks slowly weaning them off the cat kibble leftover from the day feeding and this week, Patches’ and her family have been off on their own. We pull our feeding bowls at five p.m. sharp, keeping an eye out for any wandering cat who might turn up late (who we hand-feed when possible), and make sure not a morsel is left to attract the raccoons.

Patches' babies, 2017 ©

Patches’ babies, 2017 ©

Our kindly neighbor behind us set a couple of ears of corn out for the raccoons the other evening, which appeared to be much enjoyed. Other neighbors around us most definitely DO NOT LIKE the raccoons – some are scared half to death of the things, so we’ll hope the little pudgy bandits learn the greenspace behind our development is a much safer place to stay.

One of Patches' babies, 2017 - ©

One of Patches’ babies, 2017 – ©

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

We’ll be off next Monday while helping Dad celebrate his special day and hoping to catch a safe glimpse of the solar eclipse. We’re not in the total darkness zone but should experience a decent amount of dimness for a few minutes after 10:15 a.m., despite the clouds that will probably park themselves overhead.

See you next Wednesday. Have a great weekend!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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