Bug Battles – The Two Sides.

Serious Pia.

Pia relaying her side of the conversation. August 2012. © Colehaus Cats.

Mom’s side of the story: A bug got into the house overnight.

Miss Newton and Tessa: ewwww!

Seth and Maxx: *yawn*

Quint and Olivia: What’s a bug?

Pia’s version: OMC, this huge multi-legged behemoth with googly-eyes creepy-crawled its way inside to eat us big cats!

Mom: It was a weevel. Tiny, brown, a baby, practically non-existent.

Miss Newton and Tessa: Double ewwww!

Seth and Maxx: *yawn* oh wait, food?

Quint and Olivia: Mom, Pia’s confusing us with her big words again!

Pia: I heard it gnawing its way through the front door for hours last night. How could the rest of you sleep through that racket?!? Anyway, once inside, it thumped around a bit and just as it was about to raid the refrigerator, I sneaked up behind the beast and *whapped* it! And then I *whapped* it again just like this so it’d know who was boss!

Mom, Seth, Maxx, Miss Newton, Tessa, Quint and Olivia: ???

Pia: A terrible fight ensued. Furniture, fur and antenna were flying. I headbutted the creature time and time again to no avail. It just would not relent. Finally, just as I thought my goose was cooked, I gathered my remaining strength and gave it a snarl that should have woken everyone from the very deepest of slumber. Only, no one came to help! So I laid a paw on the wretched monstrosity to snuff out its existence. After that, I had to nap. I was exhausted from battle.

Miss Newton: *rolls eyes, saunters away*

Tessa: Lemma sniff your paws.

Seth and Maxx: You woke us up to tell us this and you didn’t even eat it?

Quint and Olivia: Wow! Pia, you’re like a hero!

Mom: In the morning, I picked it up with a tissue and tossed it back outside where it belonged.

Pia: But only because I subdued it first.

Mom: Okay, Pia, if you say so. Thank you for being such a brave girl.

Pia: *purrs*

20 responses to “Bug Battles – The Two Sides.

  1. OMC, Pia has the most enthusiastic facial expressions! Good job protecting the household from that terrifying bug, Pia.

  2. Pia, good job getting that bug!! You saved everybuddy from certain death! 😉

  3. Pia – I also have big adventures like you do. And my Mommie usually ruins the story of my extreme heroism like your Mommie did!

    • I know! What’s up with that? Isn’t that part of our job? And there she goes, picking up the scraps with a flimsy tissue. I wanted that monster’s head on a pike! And a medal of bravery too!

  4. Pia- the Exterminator.
    Be very afraid of the small orange ball of fluff.
    Appearances are deceiving!

  5. Great job defending the Colehaus Universe Miss Pia! You are one feline ferocious little ginger!

    Harry, Dexter and Tipp

  6. OMC, Pia! You are a wondrous insect-killing machine! We like watching them, but rarely achieve a kill. The other day my woman destroyed an itty-bitty one, and laid it under our nose. She said that was OUR job. So we ate it! Purrs

  7. Pia, I thought I had the big imagination, but you have certainly beaten me in that department!! Hey, there’s nothing at all wrong with creating an interesting adventure, after all, who wants to read about a bug that was found, eaten and gone?? Boooorrrrriiiinnnngg!

    I can’t wait to see some of the other things that happen to you. I enjoyed this very much!!

    Tom xx pee ess: Your facial expression is priceless 🙂

    • Mom says I need to add adventurer to my res-soom-may. I don’t know what that means but I like the sound of it every bit as much as I like adventuring! Thank you for reading about my terrific battle!

  8. Beneath that fluffy orange cuteness lies the heart of a lion! Way to go, Pia!

  9. wow Pia, that was wonderful of you!