Back in the Day…

The Colehaus Boys. 2012 © Colehaus Cats.

Back in the day…

*ignores loud sighs from the audience*

…the boys of Colehaus played with one another.


Okay, that’s not true. Seth played with Maxx. Maxx usually squealed his dislike for playing with Seth. Now, keep in mind, both boys had had their claws removed long before we found and rescued them (PLEASE don’t do this, people!) so we were never quite sure what Maxx was squealing about. He just did and still does when he doesn’t get his way or when Seth decides it’s playtime.

But back in the day, a time or two existed when the tables turned and Maxx was the one who wanted to play.

Or maybe just glare at his brother Seth. “Soon,” Maxx says here. “Soon.”

7 responses to “Back in the Day…

  1. HeeHee, a toe whiffin sometimes causes some shouting!

  2. Nice to meet you boys! The dynamics with cat friends/family/tribe members ebbs and flows for so many reasons. One of our rescues squeals like bloody murder but is a just drama queen.

  3. Max looks like he might get whapped!

    • Looks like it, but Seth just turns his head and moves to another, higher up location. Patient, that Seth is. More patient than I would probably be.

  4. Allie: *sigh* whapping brothers….I have two myself… *sighhhhh*