As Good as Cat Videos.

Seth Watches YouTube.

Seth watching YouTube. 2012 © Colehaus Cats.

A word. YouTube. As addicting as Videos for your cat. Except in this case, Seth is addicted to YouTube rock/pop bands. Really, we can’t play one anywhere in the house without Seth jumping up and staring at the screen. He’s fascinated! Suppose he might have been a concert promoter in a past life? Perhaps an agent even, maybe for Three Dog Night, Adam Ant or Chick Corea?

Naw, probably the Stray Cats.

14 responses to “As Good as Cat Videos.

  1. I love that picture and caption. My cat, Benjamin, likes to put his face as close to my pc screen as possible when I skype with my youngest daughter.

  2. Oh my, I’ll bet it was the Stray Cats!

  3. That is pretty interesting Seth, that you are so nuts over the bands etc. Do you dance to the music??
    Hope you have a great week end.

    • Seth doesn’t “dance” persay, but he does tend to change positions a lot when something he likes is playing. We’ve counted up to twenty moves during a single song. Maybe that’s his way of dancing, a kind of “Seth Shuffle.” MOL!

  4. Seth, maybe your human has better taste in music than mine because when she starts watching music videos on YouTube, I am outta there!

  5. That’s cool, Seth! We’d sure love to know what you’re thinking as you watch those music videos!

  6. Oh that’s so cute! I should play music video for my kitties, they might love it.

  7. We found you at Blogpaws via our Friend Caren. Our cats like the movement more than the music but that’s cool about Seth!

    • Agreed. Everyone else in the house loves the Videos-for-your-Cat fish videos on YouTube where there’s lots and lots of movent. Seth is bored to tears with those (it might have something to do with his being blind in one eye). He’s more of a music cat. Thank you so much for visiting!