Artsy-Fartsy Featured Artist – Quint!

We are so pleased to see Quint and some of his paintings featured over at Desert Raven Art as their Artsy-Fartsy Tuesday Artist.

Quint - A Budding Artist?

Quint – A Budding Artist? 2012 © Colehaus Cats.

There you can read Quint’s bio, as translated through his Mom and Dad, and see a small portion of his work.

Mary and Al Hone of Desert Raven Art (with Roxy of Roxy, the Traveling Dog fame and Torrey too!) are exceptional artists and adventurers. Each Tuesday, Desert Raven Art features a dazzling array of art from a multitute of different artists from around the world using a wide variety of mediums. Be it bronze work, bead, oils, leather, stone, sculpture, portraits, jewelry – the list goes on and on, we can’t recommend strongly enough a visit to their web site. Sit back, relax and peruse all their amazing featured art.

And if you get a chance, visit their Freedom in a Feather Kickstarter page to watch a short video on an upcoming project.

Thank you, Mary, for featuring Quint and thanks, Roxy, for not barking at us too much!

15 responses to “Artsy-Fartsy Featured Artist – Quint!

  1. Well that is just darn cool!

  2. Very cool! Would love to see the artist at work!!

  3. Wowie, Quint, you are very talented!!!

  4. That is awesome that Quint was featured! But of course, he is exceptionally talented!

  5. We loved seeing Quint’s artwork. He is very talented!!

  6. Hi Quint! Thank you for stopping by to visit us. We’re going to hop over to check out your paintings. We loved your kitteh cam, but couldn’t catch anybody on it. We’ll be checking back. Have a great Wednesday!

    • Thank you so much for visiting! The kitties are all downstairs watching the election because you know, they have a stake in the various races. 😉 Have a great week!

  7. Pee Ess – we think we caught Olivia using the facilities!

  8. WAY WAY cool! Quint, you’re a star, dood!