Looking for a Fast Escape (key).

Tessa at the computer. 1 of Many. June 2012 © Colehaus Cats.

Never have we had a cat/kitten so interested in technology. The computer/monitor/wireless mouse/speakers/tablet/TV/laptop/power cords, doesn’t matter. Tessa is fascinated by all. And thanks to a can of compressed air, she’s not so much interested in the power cords any more, thank goodness.

Recently, she’s discovered the ESC key on the keyboard. And is now highly qualified in the art of eliciting a yelp from Mom whenever she’s on the computer.

C’mon, Mom, you’re supposed to be writing, not playing Bubbleshooter.”

3 responses to “Looking for a Fast Escape (key).

  1. Tessa, you gotta start blogging for yourself now!!

  2. Techno cats are always the brightest ones!!!

  3. Tessa, want to be email pals?