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12/02/2016 – Friday with Sunny

QUICK UPDATE ON SUNNY’S DENTAL CLEANING: Thank you for all your purrs and good thoughts! Sunny came through her first ever dental cleaning with flying colors! No extractions, no cracked teeth, no bleeding gums or sores. She’s home and on pain meds for the next couple of days. They also drained and removed a fluid cyst and underlying mass on her back, so she’s shaved there and has a row of stitches. We’ll know more about the mass sometime next week.

More proof of how well Sunny has fit into our family. She has two personal fountains to drink from and access to two big water bowls elsewhere in the house and yet, she likes the kitchen faucet the best.

Not Sunny's personal fountain - 2016 ©

Not Sunny’s personal fountain – 2016 ©

Sunny has her own personal fountain elsewhere - 2016 ©

Sunny has her own personal fountain elsewhere – 2016 ©

Sunny has two personal fountains, in fact. This isn't one of them. - 2016 ©

Sunny has two personal fountains, in fact. This isn’t one of them. – 2016 ©

We’ll add the fact the kitchen faucet DOES NOT have a drip that might attract cats to it (clearly, someone who shall remain nameless turned a trickle on here), AND we recently added yet a third water bowl behind the faucet on the counter in a specific attempt to keep cats away from the faucet.

The progress so far?

Cats drinking from water bowl instead of faucet – 1.
Cats still attempting to drink from the faucet – 8.
Number of times per day Mom yells at cats on the counter – Countless.
Number of cats who think Mom is being irrational about not being on the counter – C’mon, really? You needed to know this??

Sunny - 2016 ©

Sunny – 2016 ©

Purrs would be greatly appreciated today for Sunny as she undergoes her first ever dental cleaning (remember, she was twelve years old when we adopted her in September). Her original dental appointment was cancelled in October due to her two UTIs, but those have since cleared up and remain at bay.

We expect there might be some extractions but Sunny’s surprised us before with her strength and ability to survive tough times. If her dental work doesn’t take too long, our favorite vet might have time to address the growing fluid-filled cyst on Sunny’s back as well. Otherwise, that will have to wait for another time.

Either way, we’re happy to finally be able to get her teeth looked at. Thank you for your help with Sunny’s vet fund that helped make this possible!

Have a good weekend!

Sunny, happy and comfortable - 2016 ©

Sunny, happy and comfortable – 2016 ©