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09/07/2016 – Wordless Wednesday

Viola - 2016 ©

Viola – 2016 ©

09/05/2016 – Mischief Monday

… but first, a question.

We’d like your thoughts about renaming a senior cat, that has a negative-sounding name, to something that sounds somewhat similar and better. We are not fans of renaming cats, specially cats who have lived their entire lives with one name (but honestly, what cat has only one name???). But if the original name is unseemly, is negative, or perhaps downright horrible, is it wrong to change it to something better?

We asked this elsewhere over the weekend and would like more feedback, if you will please.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Now, for the mischief!

Looking for Mischief - 2016 ©

Looking for Mischief – 2016 ©

Mom: “Tessa, what are you looking at?”

Um, something. I’m not supposed to tell you.

Mom looks up, way, way up, on top of the kitchen cabinets and sees…

Quint - 2016 ©

Quint – 2016 ©


Quint: *gulp*

Quint finds Mischief - 2016 ©

Quint finds Mischief – 2016 ©

Quint: Okay, I’m getting down, Mom. Honestly, I was just… um, checking something.

No help from Tessa - 2016 ©

No help from Tessa – 2016 ©

Tessa: If you thought you were coming down this way, you are sadly mistaken, brother.

Cats are most definitely NOT allowed up on top of the cabinets in our kitchen. Not because we’re evil humans, but because there is no easy path up or down. No, we’re not inclined to make it easy for them, either. Every once in a while, and the behavior is usually started by Miss Newton who gets wild hairs, everyone tries a jump to the top. This was a first for Quint. After a good, stern talking to by Mom, we think it might be his last.

BTW: Mom had to help Quint down and put him on a time-out. Tessa was no help whatsoever. As expected.

09/02/2016 – Foster Friday with Miss Itty

Miss Itty and her ducks - 2016 ©

Miss Itty and her ducks – 2016 ©

Getting all her ducks in a row.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

To get her paperwork in order, Miss Itty went for blood work last weekend. Results were mixed and inconclusive. Today, we’re taking her urine in for testing, and then, sometime next week, we hope, all her paperwork will be complete.

Traveling along with Miss Itty’s pee – to keep it company, you know, floofy Pia will, undoubtedly, teach it the songs of her people as she goes in for her yearly checkup. And a pantaloon trim.

Floofy Pia spies a speck - 2016 ©

Floofy Pia spies a speck – 2016 ©