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08/03/2016 – Wondering Wednesday

Shhhh.... - 2016 ©

Shhhh…. – 2016 ©


Where’s that cute pink nose?
Doesn’t that belly need of a kiss?
Isn’t that nearby sunpuddle going to waste?
Shouldn’t someone admire that curly toe up close?

08/01/2016 – The ManCat’s Summer Art

Mom thanks you for all your wonderful birthday greetings last Friday. She says she had a good day shopping, reading, snacking on cookies, and giving all the kitties kisses because she shares her special days like that. Thank you for helping make her day special!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Last week, Quint showed off his favorite summer flowers, daylilies.

Summer Lilies - 2016 ©

Summer Lilies – 2016 ©

He’s always been attracted to the different colors growing in his garden, and knows to sniff only, not nibble, because lilies are poisonous to cats. After more research and direction to a good article by Connie of Tails of the Foster Kittens, explaining that even a few grains of lily pollen can cause organ failure, we’ve decided it best that Quint admire these flowers from afar.

Quint tracing his subject - 2016 ©

Quint tracing his subject – 2016 ©

… and he seems to be perfectly happy with that decision!

Working with yellow - 2016 ©

Working with yellow – 2016 ©

While Quint admired and traced flower shapes with his paw, Mom mixed up some colors – Greens, yellow, blush and passion pinks, apricot and summer peach, and creamy white. After applying green (and letting it, and his paws, dry so the wet colors don’t muddy each other), and the pink colors, Quint dove into his favorite color this year – yellow.

Sometimes, Mom thinks perhaps she ought to let Quint paint using nothing but yellow, maybe to get that color out of his system. A bunch of bright yellow dandelion paintings. Bright, yellow, boring dandelions.

Quint unamused - 2016 ©

Quint unamused – 2016 ©

Is my Mom poking fun at me? I think my Mom might be poking fun at me. And at yellow.

Quint's Two-Paw Paint Method - 2016 ©

Quint’s Two-Paw Paint Method – 2016 ©

And… moving on… Clearly, using yellow requires use of both paws! Quint seems to be developing a two-paw paint method. Good thing he doesn’t mind multiple wet paws during clean up!

Dabbing Pink - 2016 ©

Dabbing Pink – 2016 ©

Dabbing on more pink. Or maybe it was dark apricot. Once he gets going, paw dipping and dabbing paint tend to go fast!

Quint's Summer Lilies - 2016 ©

Quint’s Summer Lilies – 2016 ©

And here’s his finished work. Quint’s Summer Lilies 2016. Quint created five of these.

Quint's Duo-Color Summer Lilies - 2016 ©

Quint’s Duo-Color Summer Lilies – 2016 ©

But wait, there’s more! Risk-taker Mom decided to try a little something different with a two-color background, similar to the photo Quint took his cues from, using Pacific slate gray and ripe summer peach. Quint didn’t skip a beat and laid his vision on his summer daylilies over the two. With Mom’s help, he created three of this version.

Quint hopes you like his summer work - 2016 ©

Quint hopes you like his summer work – 2016 ©

I hope you like my summer lilies. I liked painting them! And if you’d like, please visit my art shop where all my paintings are looking for forever homes, maybe even yours. All proceeds go to the best cause of all – helping cats, like my foster sister Miss Itty, who need help paying for medical care and attention.

Thanks for hanging out with me while I painted. Stay cool and have a good week!