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05/02/2016 – Quint’s ManCat Garden

Our weather was so nice this weekend, we couldn’t pass up the chance to let Quint take a second stroll in the garden. Everything is blooming now and color is everywhere. As you might imagine, he was pretty excited to check out the new flowers and to decide on a favorite.

Stepping out - 2016 ©

Stepping out – 2016 ©

He’s so happy and proud in his new walking jacket.

Strolling the garden with Dad - 2016 ©

Strolling the garden with Dad – 2016 ©

Nothing’s better than sniffing flowers with Dad.

Studying purple flowers - 2016 ©

Studying purple flowers – 2016 ©

Quint kept returning to the lavender Rhododendron over and over. He likes this color.

Quint spots an unusual flower - 2016 ©

Quint spots an unusual flower – 2016 ©

An unusual flower caught his attention. A couple of flowers on this yellow Rhododendron had touches of pink salmon in the petals.

Bypassing the magenta azalea - 2016 ©

Bypassing the magenta azalea – 2016 ©

Walked right past the magenta azalea this time around…

Here's my favorite flower! - 2016 ©

Here’s my favorite flower! – 2016 ©

… and found his favorite flower of the week. This Exbury variety azalea glowing with bright orange yellow color. Quint proclaims this the best flowers ever!

When it comes to Quint, with flowers comes painting. We were surprised how quickly Quint’s Full Spring 2016 paintings flew out of his art shop last Friday. So, we set up his studio right after his second walk on the off chance he might still have a painting urge. After a few practice dabs, he picked up right about where he left off last week.

Quint's Full Spring 2 - 2016 ©

Quint’s Full Spring 2 – 2016 ©

In a few days, a small number of Full Spring 2 paintings will be up at his art shop and hoping to find forever homes. If you wish to own one, please email us or leave a comment saying so and we’ll email you back. When these are gone, that’s probably it for spring. We’re expecting a lot of rain this week and our spring flower show will come to an end. But summer is coming and with it comes a whole new round of bright colors to tease Quint out for another walk or two.