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03/09/2016 – The Morning Stretch

Quint's morning stretch - 2016 ©

Quint’s morning stretch – 2016 ©

Just doing my morning stretches. Getting calm with my inner self and feeling those muscles stretch and relax. Gotta keep limber, mentally and physically, and raring to go at a moment’s notice because you never know when….

He might have gotten sidetracked - 2016 ©

He might have gotten sidetracked – 2016 ©

…Hey, now there’s a good smell! Who knew morning stretchies would include exercising my nose?

03/07/2016 – Miss Itty’s Ear Check

Last Friday, pretty Miss Itty had her day-long vet appointment. We were worried for her, being away from home for hours. We thought she would howl or at the very least, would growl all the way to the vet, about half an hour away.

But she was completely silent. Did she think maybe she was being returned to the shelter? Was she so worried and afraid of where she would end up this time that she didn’t mutter a single peep?

Fostering Miss Itty - 2016 ©

Fostering Miss Itty – 2016 ©

Her usual vet was a new experience for us, we being so accustomed to our own vet. But it sounded as though Miss Itty was a champ through the whole thing. She needed to be sedated in order to look that deeply into her ears, and boy, oh boy, that sedation drug must be the best thing on the planet because Miss Itty was nothing but a purring LOVE BUG when we brought her home!

Or maybe she was so affectionate because the vet removed over two pounds of clumped undercoat fur from her while she was sedated, and she knows she now looks magnificent! And she does! What was once a thirteen-plus pound cat is now ten pounds eight ounces. A good weight for her.

Also a plus, her multi-tone ginger colors are clear now. Miss Itty is darker ginger on her head. over her shoulders, and down her spine. From there, her orange fur fades to soft, dilute ginger along her sides, and then to a lighter, pale dilute ginger-cream on her paws. Such a beautiful and unique color.

Pretty foster Miss Itty - 2016 ©

Pretty foster Miss Itty – 2016 ©

Or maybe she was so lovey because she heard the vet say that she didn’t need to come back for in a checkup for three months because her ear polyps haven’t grown anymore and she doesn’t need surgery anytime soon. Miss Itty’s ears are clean, as clean as they can be after numerous twice-weekly deep ear washes (there’s still stuff down in there, though, where we can’t reach, the vet said), but there didn’t appear to be anymore infection, meaning other than daily ear drops and a once a week ear wash, she doesn’t need any other medication. We ourselves might be tempted to be all lovey and snuggly too if we had heard those words.

She’s still on her special diet of Hill’s Science Diet ZD and has finally started to look forward to an eighth of a can of the same wet food every evening. Before last week, and the end of her Prednisolone dosage, she’d turn her nose up at it every day and stick to the kibble. Because she likes this food and it may be helping eliminate her ear inflammation, she should probably stick with it.

Snuggly foster Miss Itty - 2016 ©

Snuggly foster Miss Itty – 2016 ©

She sleeps well overnight in her large, luxurious kennel cage (located two steps away from Mom’s side of the bed), and claims the master bedroom bed as her own during the day. That is, when she isn’t watching the backyard birds and squirrels from the window.

We’re very happy for Miss Itty and pleased that everything seems to be working well for her here so far. That’s not to say she isn’t still growly at times, but we still believe that’s simply a matter of time, patience, and trust.

Thank you for all the well wishes you sent Miss Itty. We are certain she knew many of you were sending good thoughts, not just because we read your comments to her but because she seems to be a sensitive cat who picks up on things like that. We believe all those kind words helped ease her worries a bit and helped her come through her examination with flying colors.

Thank YOU!

Miss Itty thanks you! - 2016 ©

Miss Itty thanks you! – 2016 ©

Miss Itty is being fostered through the West Columbia Gorge Humane Society.

03/04/2016 – Foster Friday Again!

Oops! Our Foster Friday post was accidently posted yesterday which was NOT Friday, but Thursday, and you all know we don’t post on Thursday. Why, that would be silly! And we apologize.

Foster kitty Miss Itty - 2016 ©

Foster kitty Miss Itty – 2016 ©

We don’t want you to go away without something so here’s Miss Itty, looking good after having her head washed (to remove so much oily, dry residue from ear medication) after which she actually cleaned herself a little and we think, felt a bit better about herself. She’s at the vet today, having her ears looked at, specifically, her ear polyps looked at, and decisions are being made on when she’ll have surgery again on those darn things.

We’ll fill you in on Monday what her path forward is regarding her ears, whether she has to continue medication and how much, and what we’re sure you all want to know, how much singing she did on the way to and from the vet! We’ve stocked the car stereo with all manners of music and believe, with all her growly-ness, maybe she’s an mid-seventies classic rock ballad fan. In the off-chance we’ve got that wrong, we’ll bring along some Pink, just in case that’s more her feisty style.

Thanks for visiting us today!