12/18/2015 – Snuggles with Viola and a Friday Flashback

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Quick Note: We received our Santa Paws package this week! Mom let us rub all over the box and then she opened it and Tessa grabbed a present and started biting it. Hard! So mom took it away and said we now have to wait a bit longer before we get to open everything. Boo-hoo! Stupid sister Tessa…

Princess Tessa - 2015 @ Colehauscats.com

Princess Tessa – 2015 @ Colehauscats.com

Tessa says, “I’m not stupid. I’m a PRINCESS! Now get this off me, mom!”

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Snuggles with Viola - 2015 © Colehauscats.com

Snuggles with Viola – 2015 © Colehauscats.com

There’s no way of knowing, not one hundred percent completely knowing, if a kitty is going to grow up to be a good nighttime sleeper or not. Some kitties, name(s) withheld to protect the guilty, hog the bed or steal pillow space. Some kitties, again name withheld, get so into making biscuits on soft blankets, they nurse holes right through them. And others still roam the house and “rearrange” holiday décor. *ahem!*

And then others, well, they find a spot and snuggle in and stay there all night without getting up to stare into faces or pat chins or cheeks or demand pettings at 4:10 a.m. Some, like Viola, seem to know nighttime is sleeptime and cold, early mornings are for snuggling.

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Friday Flashback:

Maxx' first time on mom - 2002-2015 © Colehauscats.com

Maxx’ first time on mom – 2002-2015 © Colehauscats.com

When Angel Maxx found his way to our house and we took him in as a Colehaus Cat, he had a terrible nipping and biting problem, probably brought on as a result of someone declawing him as a young kitten and then dumping him shortly thereafter. We had a heck of a time living with him throughout his lifetime without one of us showing some kind of weekly, sometimes daily wound mark from his sharp teeth. We thought of them as his “special” love bites, even though most were downright painful.

It was clear pretty early on we’d probably never get to pick Maxx up to hold. So imagine mom’s surprise when one December afternoon, exactly thirteen years ago today, in fact, a soft cream and gray boy jumped up into mom’s lap for the very first time ever, all on his own, and slept draped across her for close to an hour. And without doling out a single nip! It’s almost as though it happened just yesterday, and mom still thinks that was the best Christmas present she could have ever received.

Miss you, Maxx.

Maxx Believes - 2012. © Colehaus Cats

Maxx Believes – 2012. © Colehaus Cats

25 responses to “12/18/2015 – Snuggles with Viola and a Friday Flashback

  1. Quints paintings are just fantastic. Viola, that i so nice that you are such a good sleeper. We have three or four that sleep really well with me. You all have a great day.

  2. That is such a lovely Maxx memory. Thank you for sharing!

  3. We bet your Mom is delighted that you sleep so well at night Viola.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx.

  4. You may not know this, but most declawed cats have a lot of pain in their paws, years after the procedure. Fragments of bone are the cause, and arthritis. Unfortunately, vets do this, but not many will do the follow up surgery years later, that can relieve the pain. No wonder Maxx was tossed out; his original stoopy owners didn’t like his attitude, after they’d cut off his fingers at the first knuckle! Bless you for being patient with him; he certainly was a handsome mancat. Cats have a glorious array of sleep-styles, play-styles…and opening-up-packages-styples…lol!

  5. Aw that is a great story about Maxx. <3

  6. What a joyous story about Maxx. Abby was a nipper too. It took her a long long long time to learn to not hurt me when she nipped. She continued to nip all throughout her life but it became a pinch and nothing more later in her time here. I tell you what I’d give to have her nip me once again. I know you probably understand that with Maxx too. Viola you are such a sweetie!

  7. We were delighted to see Maxx and recall with you this sweet Christmas memory.
    Angel Normie, Mika, Sasha & Grady Lewis

  8. awww… Sweet Angel Maxx, your mom’s rememory made our mom a little teary… we know your family misses you much. Merry Chris-mouse to you and all the angels at the Bridge.

  9. Those are terrific photos, especially Princess Tessa! Hey, we all sleep through the night here.


  11. Lovely tribute to Max. Purrs

  12. The humans here knew early on that Binga was going to be morning nagger – I’m told she has always been bad in the mornings from kittenhood, in spite of my human staying in bed until she is totally ready to get up, no exceptions!

  13. Oh sweet Maxx. My mommy has REAL pain herself in her mind thinking of cats being declawed. It is inhumane and as you said above, painful to the cats all the way into their lives. Poor poor babies. Don;’ get a cat of you don;t want the cat intact with his/her claws.

  14. Oh Maxx. What a sweet gift you gave mom.
    P.s. Viola is such a good girl.

  15. Great post. The part about kitties and their nighttime habits is so true at my house as well. I have one (Thimble, ahem, Thimble) who roams and patrols the house all night, and then often by 5 am decides that mommy needs coaxed out of bed to dole out some moist food. I have another (Eddy, ahem, Eddy) who, quite honestly, just goes wild out in the house at night, turning anything and everything into a toy (poor Christmas tree). And my third feline furbaby (momma’s boy Evan) is purrfectly content to snuggle all night long.

    I love reading about your Maxx. He sounds like he was such a special boy full of life.


  16. Princesa Tessa você está adorável com essa coroa.
    Maxx era um gato muito bonito fico contente que ele foi adotado por você e teve todo o carinho e respeito que um gato merece.

  17. Maxx was a lovely boy, and so sweet that he eventually jumped up to sleep on your lap. I mostly sleep through the night, but have to wake my mum up to make sure she is still breathing. A little prod on the nose is good enough to wake her up.

  18. We’ve received our Secret Paws package but Mom Paula hasn’t let us open it yet.

  19. We usually sleep through the night now…but then we’re older…when we were younger, we liked to play in the wee hours.

  20. I loves sleeping with mum. She sleeps sound enough that I can come and go. She will wake up with me on top of her and she doesn’t know when I got there.

  21. I love my Quint original 🙂

  22. Thank you for sharing that lovely story about Maxx.
    Have a wonderful holiday season…

    Noodle and crew

  23. Awww love the Max memory. My Angel Shiner was a biter too, probably for the same declaw thing. She seldom bit me but Dad was a frequent recipient. Miss that girl much and Maxx too. Merry Christmas to Colehaus from the HighCats!

  24. We all mostly sleep through the night although Peep #1 has been known to complain ’bout Andy sleeping on top of her. Well not so much the sleeping but more about the part where he stands up and his full weight (and believe-you-me, he IS a weight) drills right into her. MOUSES!

  25. I sleep through the night without bothering anybody. Viola is still the cutest.