08/08/2016 – Miss Itty Monday

What? - 2016 © Colehauscats.com

What? – 2016 © Colehauscats.com

Miss Itty received wonderful news at her v-e-t appointment last Friday. Her ears are free of any infection, bacteria, or yeast! She is now simply a cat who produces a LOT of ear gunk and only requires once weekly ear cleanings.

She’s not fond of the cleanings, but they sure are a lot better than daily ear medication on top of weekly cleanings!

We are so happy for her! It is an incredible feeling to learn, as fosterers, everything is being done right and improvement can be measured. Her personality has really come shining through since being completely off medication these last few weeks. She’s even been seen play-chasing Miss Newton, Olivia, and Quint up and down the stairs in just the past week. Yes, Miss Itty is learning how to play well with others!

Miss Itty - 2016 © Colehauscats.com

Miss Itty – 2016 © Colehauscats.com

The big question now is, what’s up next for Miss Itty.

She’s still our foster for the time being and we’d hate to see her bounced back to the shelter. She did okay in the year and a half she was at the free-roam, no-kill shelter with a few dozen other cats, but everyone would love for her to find her forever home. She needs someone who understands her ears will need monitoring, and that while she is occasionally a lap cat (she laid on Mom’s lap in front of the TV for the entire four hour Rio Olympic opening ceremony), she does so on her terms alone. She will never enjoy being picked up and while petting is okay, she still isn’t keen on brushing, something Dad is terribly distraught over since he’s the Master of the Nightly Brushies.

She basically ignores other cats and chooses to find her own favorite spots to reside and nap. She doesn’t seem to need other cats for comfort or warmth, preferring humans as quiet company. She lets you know when she’s hungry or wants attention, and nothing seems to please her more than to curl up next to someone in bed to sleep, while purring, of course, where she feels safe and very loved.

Truly, Miss Itty is a perfect house cat.

Foster Miss Itty - 2016 © Colehauscats.com

Foster Miss Itty – 2016 © Colehauscats.com

Miss Itty has come a long way from her most pressing medical needs: ear surgery recovery and chronic ear infections. Now that those are healed, in all honesty, she does have a couple of other issues that will require eventual vet attention.

1) She has a non-cancerous fluid cyst on her back that while not bothersome to her, can be felt and is notable by a tuff of raised fur.

2) She is twelve years old and is in need of dental work. Having had two, much younger cats go in for dental work and cleanings in June, we know how expensive this can be.

and 3) She is still on a special diet and eats only Hill’s Prescription Diet z/d for Skin/Food Sensitivities. This food is easily found at PetSmart, Petco, and online at Chewy.com.

Afternoon napping with Olivia and Miss Itty - 2016 © Colehauscats.com

Afternoon napping with Olivia and Miss Itty – 2016 © Colehauscats.com

The REAL question is: How does one *find the right home for a misunderstood, twelve-year old ginger girl who doesn’t show well at adoption events and who may have medical expenses and dietary demands for the rest of her life?

*Miss Itty is listed on PetFinder and is in the shelter’s website and adoption books at our local PetSmart and Petco.

P.S. Growly Tessa came through her yearly checkup with flying colors. She even got to sample cheese while she was there!

23 responses to “08/08/2016 – Miss Itty Monday

  1. We hope you will recover well when your ear infection gets less ouchie and you’ll be able to to get your teeth cleaned too.

  2. We’re very glad your ears are in fine shape now! Mom knows a lot about ongoing vet needs… here our problem child is Toby. It is not cheap.

  3. Miss Itty will get a dental exam soon, right? She is a cutie, and I’m betting there is a home out there for her; someone who doesn’t want a kitten and has had a special-food cat before.

  4. Miss Itty, we know your forever human is out there! I have a less than sociable cat and she’s still a lot of company 🙂

    Pee Ess: Jenna thinks brushies are awesome, but she had to learn to like them.

  5. Yay Itty you were a brave girl to tolerate the frequent ear cleaning….
    Hugs Madi your bfff

  6. We wonder about maybe putting up flyers at a local senior center. And may set up a gofundme and get the dental done before she goes home.

  7. you KNOW what I am going to say 😉

  8. She is a beauty! I hope she finds the purrfect home. In less she’s already in the purrfect home? 🙂

  9. Meant to say *Unless* she’s already in the purrfect home. And so glad to hear that her ears are healthy now!

  10. Paws crossed that Miss Itty finds the perfect family! It sounds like she has really come into her true personality now that her ear issues have been dealt with.

  11. We’re so glad that your ears are fine and healthy now, Itty ! We hope you find your forever home soon. Purrs

  12. miss itty….wear ever de road leedz ewe two…we send ewe all de veree veree veree best…glad yur chex up wented sew well…yurz two tessa ……heerz hopin ya can stay wear yur at…. just sayin ☺☺☺ ~~~~~~ ♥♥♥♥♥

  13. We’re so glad Miss Itty got a good report on her ears! We purr that someone will see her for the wonderful kitty she is and give her a home.

  14. That’s such fantastic news! She’s such a beauty…I hope the right family finds her soon!

  15. Miss Itty is really thriving thanks to your care. I hope she can get a forever home that will meet her needs.

  16. How did Tessa get to sample cheese at the vet? Cheese is the last thing on the menu when we visit!

    We are so glad to hear that Miss Itty’s ears are finally better. We hope a special family hears about her and is willing to take her into their hearts.

  17. I hope Miss Itty will find someone to understand her and adopt her.

  18. Yeah, LC kitten arrived here in 1993 with serious ear mites. It was so bad she had eye infections that glued her eyes shut fer a few days. TBT had ta wipe her eyes each night an morning.

  19. That’s really good news Miss Itty! Now you just need a forever home.

  20. Miss Itty is a beauty. Our paws are crossed for her to find her forever home. In the meantime, she’s lucky to have you.

  21. Glad her ears are so much better.

  22. Yay for Miss Itty and her ears! I hope she finds the perfect forever home.

  23. So glad that Miss Itty and Tessa both got good reports at the vet 🙂 Hope Miss Itty can stay with you until she finds a furrever home. She seems so settled in now, would hate to have a setback before then.