01/23/2017 – MultiCat Monday

On the counter much? - © Colehauscats.com

On the counter much? – © Colehauscats.com

Absolutely none of these cats are supposed to be on the counter.

So, what are they doing up there?

Waiting for water to magically come out of the faucet.

They do have a clean and full water bowl* sitting right there, conveniently behind the faucet. That’s because someone a long time ago trained his sisters that water from the faucet outclasses all water sitting around in boring bowls. Mom thought she’d break that bad habit.

No one uses the water bowl. Mom won’t turn on the water faucet. It’s a battle of wills. Who do you think won this round?

*They also have two full bowls of clean water in their cat room AND two more plus a running fountain in Ruby and Sunny’s room that is open to the rest of the house during daytime hours.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

While wondering who might have won this round of faucet versus water bowl war, here’s a puzzle of this photo courtesy of JigsawPlanet.com

Have fun and a great Monday!

26 responses to “01/23/2017 – MultiCat Monday

  1. Well, fresh water is just more interesting, right??

  2. I only laugh because I understand. I was sure I was one of the most stubborn living things on this planet … and then came Bear Cat. In the end, if it’s not going to kill him or cause him harm (example of exceptions … chewing on cords – they are now all taped to the wall … teeth brushing – he loses enough teeth with daily brushing, so tough on that one too) … it’s just not worth it.

  3. We have not discovered the health benefits of water from faucet yet.

    Emma and Buster

  4. OMCs Mom is cackling. this reminded her of a similar episode with my human sis when she was about 2 yo.
    Sis starting saying a gazillion words about 18 mos. she could say big words like pocketbook. But for some reason she would not say ‘water’. She would ask for ‘la’ when she wanted water. For a very long time mom would giver her ‘la’ while saying here is your ‘water’. By the time she was 2 she was saying sentences but would not say water. One day Mom told her she could have anything she wanted to drink as long as she said it correctly.
    Sis tested mom by saying tea, orange juice, pepsi etc. Mom gave her a taste of all of them. Then came the request for ‘la’. Nope not getting it unless you say water. Fast forward 8 hours when Sis hears dad come in the door. She goes running up to him like she has been on a desert and says Dadddy ‘waaaaaaater’. He looked at mom and said you did it…
    mom said well it took 8 hours. Mom never figured out where the word ‘la’ originated but was sure glad it disappeared.
    Hugs madi

  5. Gossip around the water faucet is pretty cool!

  6. good thing you don’t have one of those touch faucets 🙂

  7. Unfortunately, I cannot access to jigsaw page at the office, but I’m guessing who won this round…and it was the counter surfers! Cat know what they like and they don’t really care for alternatives…which is why we humans fall in love with them.

  8. Katie Isabella

    LOVE Brians answer. GOTTA BE TRUE!!

  9. Ha. With that much concentrated feline staring, no mere hoomin can resist.

  10. I laughed sooo hard at your “disclaimer” “absolutely none of these cats is allowed up on the counter” ohhh how I can relate! I have a feeling they won though!

  11. guys…..even we noe de answer ta thiz quizz…

    math ore knot

    colehaus cats : 921,569,136,726,493,011
    mom: ZEE ROE

    N like…why iz QUINT gettin blamed heer….just sayin ~ ☺☺☺♥♥♥

  12. MOL ! Running water is more interesting ! Purrs

  13. We know the cats won. We’ve never tried drinking from the faucet. Are we missing out??

  14. Ha-ha! My human is relieved we haven’t trained her in this endeavor.

  15. Meu palpite é que os gatos venceram! hihihi
    Adoro o quebra cabeças.

  16. We would never dream of drinking water out of a bowl!

  17. “luckily” my trio love the toilet as much as they love the faucet so we usually don’t have to worry about any battle of wills (which I would lose!)

  18. Mum just lets me go on the counters, says she can’t be around all the time to keep me off.

  19. We gave up the no counter rule years ago. 🙂 Yay! Another puzzle. I did the one last week, but I didn’t have a log in so I lost the info on my time.

  20. Tessa, Viola and Quint do what Tessa, Viola and Quint want and go where Tess, Viola and Quint want to go. Them are the rules.

  21. MOL, water cooler talk!

  22. Water straight from the tap is always the best, according to our Zoe. She says you kitties know what’s what!

  23. You need to talk Mom into one of those touch faucets! It is great, but Mom needs to remember to turn on cold water on and turn down the force!

  24. Oh, this looks like the counter at our house! You’d think we were preparing kitty for lunch. Mmmmm.