Zooming Zooot.

Zooot. © Colehaus Cats.
Zooot, the orange girl. © Colehaus Cats.

Zooot, the orange girl. Rescued at less than a day old (18 hours to be exact) and handraised. The loudest of the litter and the most insistent. The orange girl her human dad always wanted. She was happiest being a lady-in-waiting to The Queen (otrb 2011). Now the Queen herself, she rules over her home, particularly her own bedroom, with nuzzles, head rubs, and a healthy dose of purring.

But all queens know they must be served and humans are their servants. The claws are kept at the ready, the commands while not unreasonable, can be rather insistent, and then there are always those little annoyances – the unpleasantries that can come with a frequent upset tummy.

*Ble-ble-Blech!* “Human, come! With towels! We don’t want this soaking into the silk thread rug, do we?”

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