Comfortable, Yes. Thanks for asking!

We should all be so comfortable. 2012 © Colehaus Cats.

Oh gosh, yes! Comfort is the utmost of importance around here. It’s quite easy. One lies down, or lays down depending on your grammar skillz and upbringin’, then, turns to the side; I favor my left side due to an old war wound, a twist of the head to look at the ceiling – you never know when a bug worth looking at might be up there, a tuck of your chin against your leg, thrust an arm through the opening and throw the other arm overhead. Hold for up to one half hour. Easy as tuna cake.

Not exactly sure but we think some advanced yoga poses might be easier, Seth.

7 responses to “Comfortable, Yes. Thanks for asking!

  1. Seth, you look rather pretzel-like. LOL. That’s an impressive (painful???) sleeping pose.

  2. That is one fancy Yoga move. We are studying that and really don’t think we can do that one. Well done. Love that picture. Take care.

  3. Kitties seem to sleep in some funny positions. And we all know if you tried to make them lay that way, you’d get thwopped, good.

  4. wow…that sure looks comfy… wish I could try 🙂