World Cat Day – Cat Convention.

Orange Cat Convention.

Orange Cat Convention plus 1 gray girl. August 2012. © Colehaus Cats.

Happy World Cat Day. What better way to celebrate the day than with an Orange Cat Convention? As you can see, the orange cats first thought, “Hey, what’s Tessa doing here? She’s not orange!” But then the ginger ones mellowed a bit and given the day, went on to think, “Hey, fur color has nothing to do with it. All are welcome!”

They all hung out a bit and played with a nip pillow and tried to get Maxx to join in on the celebration but he wasn’t having any of the sort. He dances to a different drum if you must know, yes, even on this momentous occasion. Besides, someone had to take this photo. We understand how he can point and shoot so well. It’s how he gets the camera lens cap on and off that has us befuddled.

Happy Day, All!

17 responses to “World Cat Day – Cat Convention.

  1. Happy World Cat day friends!!!!

  2. LOL! Happy World Cat Day to you all!

  3. Such a good way to celebrate World Cat Day! Togetherness and a nippy pillow, peace on earth and good will amongst all kitties.

    • Colehaus Cats

      What better day than today on World Cat Day to all get along? Peace and purrs to you!

  4. What a fun World Cat Day – pushing and shoving for the best spot in the sunshine.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. Happy World Cat Day everyone!

  6. How wonderfur to meet all of you! We are neighbors! Oh how mommy loves ginger kitties! You have a housefull of wonderfur ones. We read all of your posts back to the beginning. Thank you for your kindness in taking in all of the ferals and adopting at the drop of a meow when opportunity purred by! Your blog is CATptivating and we are glad to be friends with you. Wish you had a followers widget…
    Pop over again sometime for a cuppa catmint tea. Oh and I am a feral also that wandered into mommies garden with three kittens and we stayed. Our garden is a backyard wildlife sanctuary and we feed and care for a feral cat family for years. Spaying and nutering is key to controling the happiness of feral kitties.
    happy purrs to you this World Cat day from the cozy cottage and Miss Hunny Bunny

    • Thank you so much for visiting and for reading back to our beginning! We love your pretty blog and what great pictures! Beautiful outside garden; perfect for cat adventures and hiding places! Have a wonderful Happy World Cat Day!

  7. Happy World cat to day to all of you. That was nice of you Orange kitties to allow another kitty into your World day Parteeee. And we know the Silver Vine pillow was great.

  8. Happy World Cat Day to each and every one of you!! 🙂

    Convention crasher, hehe!!

    Tom xx

  9. Gang pile! Here’s one more big orange kitty jumping on the bed!
    Head bumps to all my Colehaus friends!


  10. Happy World Cat Day! That looks like a great convention!