Time to Paint.

We’re often asked how Quint tells us he wants to paint. Sometimes, he’ll sit by a window, watching the sky, the trees, and the birds for what seems like the longest time. He’s studying colors and movement. And if we don’t notice that, he finds other ways of letting us know. For example: A recent bathroom mirror painting.

Quint's sign to paint - 2014 © Colehaus Cats

Quint’s sign to paint – 2014 © Colehaus Cats

Quint’s gearing up for his first spring 2014 garden visit this week, if we can time the sun just right. Our rhododendrons and azaleas have started to bloom and you remember from last year how much he loves those big, soft flowers.

The artist Quint smitten with lavender/pink flowers - 2013 © Colehaus Cats

The artist Quint smitten with lavender/pink flowers – 2013 © Colehaus Cats

Orders have been coming in for pretty Mother’s Day paintings and he was more than ready to get to work! Here he dabs leafy shades of green for his new Sweet Violets acrylic paintings.

Quint painting leaves - 2014 © Colehaus Cats

Quint painting leaves – 2014 © Colehaus Cats

Look for his Sweet Violets in his art shop today.

Quint's Sweet Violets

Quint’s Sweet Violets

26 responses to “Time to Paint.

  1. Me too LOVE´s Rhododendrons !
    Over here we are still waiting for them to start bloom.
    Your sweet Violets paintings looks pawsome , Quint !


  2. We love Quint’s Sweet Violets.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. Quint, those are gorgeous! Your work just keeps getting better and better.

  4. He does amazing work. We love our Starry Night.

  5. Oh those are so neat! Nice job, Quint! We look at the painting we bought every day and enjoy it.

  6. Quint, you are so awesome. You know how to blend colors and make them “sing”. Mom got us a couple of your paintings and we love them. She keeps telling us we should paint but we would rather chase each other around the house! Hey, maybe little Viola could help you sometime. 🙂

  7. those are wonderful paintings!!!

  8. Those sweet violets look just like the ones in my yard Quint! Your work is stunning as always! Purrs you sweet boy!

  9. Quint those are gorgeous!

  10. I am glad to see Quint back at work!

  11. That bathroom art is so funny. At least Quint knows how to make his wishes known. That new painting is beautiful. We think we will be ordering one for our mom for Mother’s Day. Have a great week. XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  12. Quint you are one special gifted kitty. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  13. dood….ther will be a lot oh happee momz out ther if they getz a quint for momz day !!! sa wheat 🙂 N we loves yur mirror with white paintin…shows style and flair….all most like a cloudy ghost !!! 😉

  14. Maxwell: dood, momma LOVES your art! I may hafta order something for her birthday (shh, don’t tell her)!

  15. Quint, I would totally EAT those, not smell ’em!

  16. Quint, we love your paintings. We love the violets!

  17. Quint – your painting of violets is gorgeous! I’m hoping you do another easel painting as I’m running out of room on the wall, but would love little easels on my desk : )

  18. Does he only paint with his right paw, or does he paint with both paws?

    • Quint uses his right paw most of the time, though lately, he’s gotten his left paw and left back foot into the mix. Sometimes even a left back cheek! Shhh, don’t tell him we mentioned that bit.

  19. You are very talented!

  20. Quint is the most gifted little artist I know, we love our original Quint Cole painting and I hope to get another, maybe after Mother’s Day so the mums can enjoy his work too!

  21. We love the way you let Mom and Dad know you’re feeling inspired, Quint! Those sweet violets are fantastic. You are so talented!

  22. I will hold out for a canvas masterpiece. Can’t wait.

  23. Beautiful work Quint,xx Rachel