No More Moles!

On this special yard and garden edition of Colehaus Cats, our mom said she was fit to be tied, or something like that these past few weeks when she was trying to rid our yard of moles. We don’t know what moles is and neither do we want our mom tied. If she was, she couldn’t give us treats and good lovin’!

Anyhoo, bright and early every morning, before most of us were even awake, our mom had been going out to see what damage the moles had done overnight. She said she didn’t mind too much when they first came from under the fence. We wonder… is that anything like coming from the wrong side of the tracks?

Moles move in - 2014 © Colehaus Cats

Moles move in – 2014 © Colehaus Cats

Our mom said she didn’t mind when they disrupted the bark mulch. She said the mole was actually pushing up the dirt while she took this photo. That little scamp!

Moles on the move - 2014 © Colehaus Cats

Moles on the move – 2014 © Colehaus Cats

She even said she was okay when they dug under and around the ferns.

Moles set up house - 2014 © Colehaus Cats

Moles set up house – 2014 © Colehaus Cats

But after three weeks of new mole mounds here, there, and everywhere, our mom drew the line at tearing up the sprinkle pipe and her favorite cobblestone bricks.

Even Momo knew things weren’t going to end well and he tried to help. Momo’s idea of helping was to dig a little hole in the mole dirt and pee on it. Sounds good, but it didn’t help.

Mole whisperer Momo - 2014 © Colehaus Cats

Mole whisperer Momo – 2014 © Colehaus Cats

So, after putting anti-mole stuff in all the other mole holes, our mom had to pull up all the bricks because they were collapsing under the weight of potted plants. And guess what she found underneath?

Mole freeway under brickwork - 2014 © Colehaus Cats

Mole freeway under brickwork – 2014 © Colehaus Cats

Mole tunnels! She made quick work of those… well, it wasn’t that quick, she reminds us. To be honest, we weren’t sure if we were going to see her at all that day! She worked until almost dark and got those bricks and sprinkler fixed better than new.

Reworked brick after moles - 2014 © Colehaus Cats

Reworked brick after moles – 2014 © Colehaus Cats

How it's supposed to look - 2014 © Colehaus Cats

How it’s supposed to look – 2014 © Colehaus Cats

*crossed paws* No sign of mister and missus mole since! And boy, is our mom much happier!

30 responses to “No More Moles!

  1. Don’t let those moles dig another underground tunnel or you could learn some naughty words from your Mom.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  2. Argh, how frustrating! We’ve been battling chipmunks for years–they can do a lot of damage too. Hope you are now mole free.

  3. We’re glad to hear you haven’t had any new signs of the moles. My parents periodically had moles in their yard. Their dog was a good mole catcher 😉

  4. Hope you got rid of them is not you know who to call. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. MOL Moles 0 Mom 10!!! Brilliant solution!!
    Your garden is lovely too
    Hugs madi your bfff

  6. I’ve got some feral cats you could borrow to *end* your mole problem…

  7. You have such pretty flowers and plants to look at. We don’t know what moles is or are either and we don’t think we want to. Your mom did a great job!

  8. Espero que elas desistam do seu jardim.

  9. Oh those nasty moles. We think all us kitties should ban together and put a stop to them!

  10. guys…mom did a grate job both on yur gardin and on sendin de molez a packin…in de off chance they wanna come bak fora familee ree union tell yur mom ta try this; frum home & garden EHOW…

    Mix 1/4 cup of castor oil and 2 to 3 tbsp. of dish detergent. Add 6 tbsp. of water and blend. Mix 1/2 cup to 5 gallons of water.

    Apply to areas where moles are present with a sprayer or watering can, allowing the solution to fully saturate the soil. The solution works by coating the earthworms and grubs with oil, which makes them distasteful to moles

    we haz tired this N it werks….most lee coz de moles hate de smell oh caster oil….phew…..

  11. Moles are awful-we have them too.

  12. Seems as though Momo could have done more than pee on the mole loins…like whack a mole. LOL!!

  13. We’ve never had to deal with those. We have skunks, raccoons and groundhogs instead. They are all pains in the backside for different reasons. Wow, your mom worked super hard, and everything looks beautiful. Hope they don’t return. XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  14. Kitty Cat Chronicles

    We are with Savannah — whack a mole sounds like a great idea! Looks like your mom did a good job though. The garden looks wonderful.

  15. Oh those naughty moles ! Mum said some horrible words when they destroyed the vegetable garden a few years ago ! She found a cat friendly mole repellent, it looks like this : Since we have it, no mole in the garden again ! Purrs

  16. We get lots of moles in the horse fields and mum doesn’t mind that. She gets mad when they dig under the lawn though.

  17. We haz moles here, too. Vishus critters.
    You have a lovely garden.

  18. You guys would make quick work of those moles or you can borrow Harry the farm cat. He likes mole brains.

  19. Many years ago, when the cats who came before lived in the country and had a cat door, they would bring moles in the house and play with them. The head peep would walk into the living room just in time to see a mole fly up into the air. That’s how we know that you would have done in those moles for your Mom if you had the chance.

  20. Maybe ya need my terrierists to come over and help wif rodent extermenashun.

  21. Nasty little critters!

  22. Wow your poor Mom did have a nasty mole problem! Hope that takes care of them!

  23. I think Momo peeing on their dirt scared them away. Hopefully they’ll go back to the other side of the fence and won’t be a bother anymore.

  24. I don’t even know what moles are… are they edible for kitties?

  25. BOY! That is one heckuva lot of hard hard work for your mommy but she knew it was worth it! Looks great. MY mom understands the frustration. It;s not moles for us but about every living creature in the woods here, Mom hadda quit feeding the birdies on accounta the deer were swarming the feeder and eating all their food.

  26. Moles! No respect at all, like brothers.


  27. We had a mole tunnel along the side walk at the curb, but a neighbor took care of Mr Mole. We had no idea they could be so destructive! We hope your mom didn’t have to use too many HBO words. Kudos to Momo for his hard work, too.

  28. We’re glad to hear you haven’t had any new signs of the moles.
    My mom-persons aunt have them all over the her garden 🙁