Newton in the Pink.

Tessa update: Tessa is home from her vet Spay Day and is doing fabulously! Pia Bean and Newton really missed her over her 36-hour stay but after arriving back home, each gave her some space for a day for further recovery. Today, Tessa is back to her rambuncious self, chasing Pia from room-to-room and tackling Newton whenever big sister isn’t looking, which brings us to today’s photo.

Pink Ears, Pink Nose, Pink Toes. Newton lounges. 2012 © Colehaus Cats.

Ah, a little peace and quiet up away from the two little squeaky ones. A girl could get used to this.

Newton cuddles with the long legs cat toy, happy for a little uninterrupted nap time.

6 responses to “Newton in the Pink.

  1. Look at that cute, shaved tummy! We think it’s great that your Newton is orange, too. Orange Newtons rule!

  2. Yes! Yes! Most certainly, all Newtons have some orange in them. Some just a lot more than others!

    Tessa looks at her own recently shaved belly and insists: There ain’t nothing wrong with grey shaved bellies either!”

  3. Very pretty in pink- or should I say handsome?
    Glad to hear that Tessa has bounced back from her spay.

    • Pretty, handsome, she’s agrees with both! “Yes I am.”

      Tessa continues to do wonderfully! Right this minute, she is flinging herself at Pia so she’ll be chased.

  4. Newton, we love your color just because we have a kitty here whose name is Khaki and he is that same light color of orange.
    Glad to hear that Tessa did so well with her Spay day. Hope all of you have a great day. And thanks so much for visiting our blog.

    • Khaki is a perfect name! We love it!
      That buff/orange color has got to be one of the most unique colors around…right next to regular orange, grey tabby, tortie, dilute tabby, black, white, tuxedo, bengal, seal point….okay, they are all unique.
      Thank you for visiting us! Have a wonderful week!